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Deploying Digital Signage to achieve OHS Goals

Deploying Digital Signage to achieve OHS Goals

The importance of providing a safe workplace environment is a key issue for businesses. It is both a legal regulation and management responsibility to implement an OHS program with performance goals to reduce workplace incidents, regardless of the organisation’s size.

The impact of workplace incidents has a long-lasting effect on businesses, their employees, and the economy in general. For businesses, loss of productivity and the costs can result in product shortages, financial shortfalls and, potentially, closure of the business. Regarding employees, it may involve loss of income, long-term health implications, or worse.

In 2017, the Labour Force Survey reported 609,000 employee injuries, leading to 137 deaths and 31.2 million lost work days. It has cost British companies over £14 billion, and that doesn’t take into account the human cost to employees and their families.

Implementing an OHS program, and providing employees with a copy during induction, is just the first step that employers should take. Continuing to reinforce the OHS procedures daily should be part of a program to ensure these goals are achieved.

The most cost-effective method of ensuring employees are aware of OHS procedures daily is by transmitting them through digital signage.

Digital signage enables employers to cost-effectively display images, videos and messages to educate and inform employees in a timely, dynamic and engaging manner.

Digital signage screens are deployed to:

  • Inform employees of risks in strategic locations
  • Communicate the OHS procedures & rules
  • Report Statists

Just a few ways how digital signage can help to keep the workforce safe:

  • To provide clear information during evacuation protocols, such as a fire.  A simple script can be utilised to automate every digital signage screen to show the green escape sign with small descriptions of where to proceed
  • To remind staff about potential hazards such as machine safety or informing staff to stay within walkways
  • To display immediate warnings following a workplace accident such as a spill or broken equipment
  • To keep the workforce aware of how long it has been since an incident, providing an incentive to maintain safety standards

The repetition of OHS information displayed on digital signage has been proven to minimise incidents within the workplace, which in turn creates a safe environment that facilitates productivity and performance.

For more information on digital signage solutions for OHS programs, contact Clevertouch Digital Signage or 01271 440 400.

The importance of providing a safe workplace environment is a key issue for businesses."