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Digital Signage Replacement Frequency

How often should I replace my digital signage technology is a common question asked of suppliers of such products. Ideally, replacing hardware at end of warranty life is best to ensure hardware continues to be supported by the manufacturer. However, for many organisations, particularly in sectors such as education, health and small business, ongoing replacement of technology is just not feasible budget wise.

The decision to invest in a digital signage network is not one that most organisations take lightly. Considerable research, evaluation and planning goes into the final selection, and organisations such as these should look for cost-effective investments which provide durability and bolt-on upgrade technology to ensure future proofing as technology evolves.

UK based Clevertouch Digital Signage manufacture their hardware with this in mind and their products are renowned for their longevity. The LFD screen range, for example, offers a 5-year warranty and the design itself is streamlined visually so that it is the update of content that continues to capture and engage the audience rather than the frame on the outside being prevalent and becoming a dated trend piece over time. Add to that the connectivity of a media player rather than internal technology, it is easier to replace one of the two components over time.

Software, as part of the investment in a Clevertouch solution, offers customers continual software upgrades to ensure users have new technology over the lifetime of their hardware product. This ensures customers have access to a cost-effective product with long term benefits.

Clevertouch Digital Signage is an innovative manufacturer, forecasting trends and developing both new features and products to lead industry demand.

Clevertouch Digital Signage manufactures their hardware with this in mind – their products are renowned for their longevity."