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Educational app store, Cleverstore, has undergone a major upgrade, bringing you Cleverstore 3.0

Over a year in the making, the development team have devised an innovative new take on the app store.

No longer tied to a Clevertouch interactive screen, the Cleverstore is now browser-based, allowing users to choose their apps from any online device. Once they log-in to an IMPACT or IMPACT Max interactive display, their chosen apps will automatically download in the background. Take your Cleverstore account with you, wherever you go!

Organisation / School Accounts 

Administrators can now create groups of users and invite those users to create an account. This enables teams to all work on the same apps, without the need for front-line staff to search through the hundreds of apps available to find something suitable.  

18 new apps 

Our app team are constantly sourcing new apps, and the launch of Cleverstore 3.0 sees 18 new apps added to the store in multiple languages. You can view more about these new apps here.  

Free resources 

As with previous versions of the Cleverstore, all the apps are available to download free of charge, contain no adverts or premium content, and are carefully monitored for inappropriate content. Now, you also have the ability to download LYNX Whiteboard lessons and lesson plans, as well as digital signage content – all at no extra cost.  

Get your Cleverstore account here.

Take your Cleverstore account with you, wherever you go! Get your Cleverstore account here.