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IMPACT Product Launch

IMPACT Product Launch

The new IMPACT Plus features IMPACT BUILT-IN!

Great teachers have one thing in mind – the education of their pupils. But so often class sizes, old equipment, lack of support and learning issues can cause difficulties. In a world where technology is offering solutions for everything and is an embedded part of our lives, it’s time that we embraced it in the classroom.

Clevertouch’s IMPACT Plus is designed to meet the needs of the modern classroom. The high precision technology screen is designed for teachers, by teachers. More than just an interactive touchscreen, the 4K resolution screen with super wide sound and microphone delivers a truly intuitive and collaborative learning experience. 

Informed by the government’s agenda, the product is designed to enable extraordinary lessons to take place in ordinary classrooms, transforming the learning experience. The multi award winning education solution is helping teachers and pupils shine in the digital classroom.

Learning happens best when a variety of multimodal channels and activities are used. As well as enabling sensory based learning so that children absorb key concepts and ideas faster, interactive touchscreens offer the opportunity for real time feedback. IMPACT Plus supports collaboration with the inclusion of instant messaging, video, voice, and desktop sharing.

Teachers are busy, and IMPACT Plus helps to alleviate some of the strains. The technology is compatible with most programmes, and existing documents can be uploaded easily, enabling teachers to use existing resources. 

Technology can help level the playing field, widening opportunities for all pupils. IMPACT Plus features easy to use mirroring with touch-back on up to fifty devices at any one time. Screen mirroring with built-in teacher controls ensures that the right information can be checked and shared. Elevated connectivity that is platform agnostic allows the teacher to share content across devices.

As well as increasing the flow of information, Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows IT departments to update and manage their suite of Clevertouch devices from a single point and deploying apps and updating settings at the same time.  

Teachers can also use their mobile device to control their Clevertouch, leaving them free to move around the classroom, moving from front of class instruction to supporting small groups and peer learning to help close the attainment gap. Artificial intelligence can support the effective delivery of online learning and training for pupils of all skill levels, helping to improve accessibility and inclusivity. 

Every IMPACT screen includes licences for our popular education software package:- Snowflake and Lynx. With Cloud log-ins so that teachers can prepare their lesson activities anywhere, and colleagues can easily share lesson content. 

“The UK EdTech sector is projected to be worth £3.4bn by 2021. But technology alone is not enough. It has to have impact. IMPACT Plus is changing the game for teachers who want to raise the achievements and aspirations of their pupils in 2020.” says Shaun Marklew, Group Sales and Product Director at Clevertouch

Designed for teachers, by teachers, the Clevertouch IMPACT Plus is a gamechanger for the classroom.

Launching at BETT 2020 on booth SL30.

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Extraordinary lessons in every classroom.“