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Improving the Health Sector Patient Experience with Digital Signage

Improving the Health Sector Patient Experience with Digital Signage

Displaying information, including live streaming news, health posters, up to date waiting times and advice videos in hospital and medical waiting rooms has been proven to improve the patient experience by reducing anxiety, decreasing perceived waiting times and improving awareness and knowledge of health information.

Unsurprisingly this has led to a recent rise in the adoption of digital signage technology within the health sector.  

Suitable for both hospital and stand-alone clinics (medical, dental and therapeutic), digital signage enables users to display dynamic digital messages specifically targeted at patients.  By combining multiple types of media content, and changing the message depending on patient attendance, digital signage can be used to engage with patients of all types of demographic.

Benefits to the organisation

As well as the benefits to patients, clinics and health professionals are now beginning to realise the business benefits that digital signage can deliver: 

  • Increasing uptake of other products and services 
  • Decreasing print costs and labour costs of posting or handing out print material
  • Reducing clutter of noticeboards

Easy and quick to use in busy environments

Health sector solutions such as CleverLive CLOUD by UK manufacturer Clevertouch Digital Signage offer users the ability to manage information from a contemporary platform that is easy and quick to use.  

With simple drop and drag functionality, CleverLive CLOUD can be edited with fresh content displayed in just minutes.  This type of platform also allows for remote access and instant messaging making it a suitable solution to enhance audio emergency procedures.

If improving the patient experience is a requirement for your organisation, consider implementing an easy to use, cost effective digital signage solution."