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Integrated digital signage solutions

Integrated digital signage solutions

Organisations across the globe are responding to the shifting technology expectations of both consumers and staff.  However, with budget constraints ever present, the need to source affordable and sustainable products is increasing the demand from manufacturers of integrated digital signage solutions

Expectations of engagement through digital signage include visual stimulation, touch interaction and collaboration technology.  Identifying a platform that satisfies the list can be exhausting.  To minimise the exhausting evaluation process of multiple software options, industry leading brands such as UK manufacturer Clevertouch Digital Signage offer an integrated digital signage solutions suitable for the varying needs of almost every industry sector.  

Clevertouch will be showcasing their latest digital signage technology at the Sahara Tech Showcase at Hanbury Manor on 4th October 2018.  

The event is free to attend for both trade and end-users.  

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All-in-one solution

Clevertouch has a product range that is centrally managed from a single platform, integrating their in-house software and hardware digital signage, touch and collaborative technology with room booking systems, to create the ideal complete solution.  

Digital signage is the most popular form of engaging with large audiences, whether in a public area for consumer facing communications such as retail or hospitality promotions, or a smaller environment for staff internal notifications.  The ability to display multimedia content which can incorporate text, images, movies, posters and live streaming enables the user to communicate with a wide range of demographics.   

Interactive signage

Digital signage touch technology goes a step further by enabling the audience to interact with the technology to find out useful information specific to them - for example health sector way finders, hospitality menu boards and retail POS social media.

Collaboration with existing technology

Collaborative technology for classrooms and conference rooms has become a standard across the educationhospitality and corporate sectors, and room booking systems are a common requirement across many industry sectors.  

The integration of digital signage platforms on both collaborative technology and room booking systems benefits users.  It enables organisations to expand their communications reach by utilising the existing real estate of screens and monitors when they are not in use.

As all screens in the Clevertouch range can be grouped in any number of configurations, one of its key features is the ability to convey instant messaging across all integrated screens across an estate, ideal for facilitating the deployment of safety notices, emergency alerts and alarms to all areas of the organisation cost effectively.  

For an affordable and sustainable digital signage platform, consider Clevertouch Digital Signage.

Digital signage is the most popular form of engaging with large audiences."