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Key considerations to deploying digital signage

Small business or multinational, digital signage benefits businesses of all sizes. Digital signage offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes. In customer facing environments such as retail and hospitality, it gives you the ability to engage with customers, improving brand loyalty and driving sales, particularly value added or impulse buys. In staff facing environments, digital signage can reinforce procedures, display organisational information and recognise staff achievements.

Before deploying a digital signage solution, it’s worth considering the following:

1. Purpose

Why do you want to install digital signage? If it is because competitors are doing it or staff have requested it, then an installation may not be the next step for your business. On the other hand, if you have evaluated your business and identified a need for digital signage, then move forward.

2. Audience

Who is your audience? Are you trying to reach customers, staff, site visitors or select groups? 

Who will be viewing your message is important in determining the number and location of displays, the type of message and sets the benchmark for your budget.

3. Message

What message do you want to convey? Knowing your goals and objectives lets you tailor messaging to your audience e.g. support or establish an organisational culture, attract new customers, increase sales, educate staff. 

4. Content

What type of format will your message take? Varying the type of media formats you display will keep it interesting.  Consider integrating images, photos and videos alongside text and social media content to appeal to your audience.

5. Location/Positioning

Where will you put your screens to optimise audience engagement?

6. Technology & Hardware

What technology should you use? Cloud platforms are the most popular – we recommend ClevertouchLive, which has an intuitive interface for ease of use.  While opting for commercial grade hardware components, you should still select the media player and screen that suits your requirements.  Evaluate features such as 24/7 playout, warranty, size, indoor or outdoor positioning and investment against your available budget.

7. Delegate

How are you going to manage your message? Put together a strategy and calendar of activity that includes directions for staff responsible for editing messages, media formats and the frequency of updates to content.
8. Measure

How will you know it’s working? Select a method to quantify your digital signage based on your goals and objectives.  Continually review and edit to achieve success.

Where will you put your screens to optimise audience engagement?"