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Plus Series launches new teacher-driven developments

Plus Series launches new teacher-driven developments

Product development
Clevertouch has announced a host of exciting new innovations and developments in the latest Plus Series interactive display, available from July.  

What's new? Smart personalised account profiles

For additional security every user of the Plus Series will have their own NFC fob, which when held against the built-in NFC reader at the base of the screen, opens their personal account profile giving easy access to downloaded apps, files, preferences, screen settings and cloud services.  This means that different teachers using the same screen, can easily access their own work and profile.

Super Glide Surface

The Plus Series has incorporated the latest specialist manufacturing techniques in anti-glare glass production to deliver an even smoother and more realistic writing experience for teachers and pupils.  

Because the glass is so smooth, dirt, skin residue, and bacteria find it difficult to stick and build-up on the super glide surface.  As well as leaving fewer marks from children’s fingers, the Plus Series screen also harbours far less bacteria, making them the more hygienic option in classroom environments.

High precision touch

A significant development is the evolution of the Plus Series high precision touch recognition capability.  The touchscreen now recognises a point so fine and so light that you can use a toothpick to write.  So, rather than a typical clunky whiteboard stylus, users can use a touch pen more akin to a ball-point. 

The Plus Series can change the colour of the annotation depending on the type of touch, but unlike other screens, the colour change is programmed into the screen and not the pen. By recognising whether the touch is a thick pen, fine point, finger, or a gesture, a different colour will appear. 

All the new screens come with a Clevertouch Dual Pen, with a different thickness on either end, so users are ready to take advantage of this new technology.  The new Dual Pen also has its own specially designed magnetic holder located on the front of the screen – another popular request by teachers struggling to keeps tabs on their stylus!

Dual app mode

The new Plus Series features dual-app functionality, allowing the screens to run two applications side-by-side that can be worked on simultaneously.  For example, a teacher can now open a browser running a YouTube video on one side of the display, whilst using the whiteboarding facility to make notes on the rest of the screen.

The most advanced operating platform

The interface has upgraded to LUX 7.1, taking advantage of the latest performance enhancements of Android Nougat 7.1.   It is one of the most advanced integrated Android operating systems available on a large format display, incorporating the fastest Intel Rockchip standard to achieve lightning reaction times, zero lag and quick launch of apps and functions.

Cloud account access

Teachers asked us if they could access documents and save files directly to their Google Drive or MS OneDrive from the Plus Series – and now they can; another example of a client-driven Clevertouch development. 

“We have packed so much into the latest Plus Series – all of it driven by our customers,

Clevertouch has a user-generated development programme, which means the product development team never has to double-guess what teachers want.  Clevertouch prides itself on having a direct channel with the people using the screens.  That way, the development team can quickly and efficiently incorporate requested features and technology advancements directly into the product development programme, ensuring every new generation of Plus Series stays relevant to the teachers using it."