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Roll on the AV Awards

Shortlisted For Three Awards

We are so excited and proud that Clevertouch has been shortlisted for all three of the entries submitted to this year’s AV Awards. 

We know this industry is exciting, innovative and extremely competitive, with many great companies out there constantly coming up with new developments and enhancing existing products.  

The Clevertouch development team is only too aware of this; we know the industry is nipping at our heels, which is why we invest so much in ensuring our development team continues to lead the sector in terms of innovation.  We pride ourselves on having an agile development process – we respond to client and market demands quickly and efficiently, which is why we are often first to market with new generation products and cutting-edge functionality.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic employees, our wonderful partners as well as our amazing clients whose constant feedback into our development programme has enabled us to be the best we can be.

Roll on the awards – we have everything crossed

Manufacturer of the Year – Clevertouch

Interactive Product of the Year –  Pro Series from Clevertouch

Interactive Product of the Year – Plus Series from Clevertouch