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7 Simple Steps to a digital signage strategy

Having a digital signage solution is the start of an exciting opportunity to notify, inform and engage with your audience.  However, keeping your message interesting so that your audience is continually engaged past the honeymoon period takes preparation and planning.

You will need a strategy to keep your digital signage content fresh, up to date and interesting.


Understand the capabilities of your product solution

  • What are the features?
  • Get training 
  • How do you use them?


Know your audience
Who is viewing your message?

  • Staff
  • Visitors
  • Consumers
  • Students


Ensure your information is relevant

  • Does your message match the audience demands?


Who will be responsible for updating content?

    • Who will update
    • Will it be Single or Multiple staff member/s - Head Office - Local Branches – Departments etc.?


    Change frequently to capture attention

    • Interactive
    • Information
    • Call to action

    What type of media formats

    • Text
    • Movies
    • Images
    • Social Media etc


    • How often will you change the message to keep information fresh and up to date?
    • Create a schedule with daily/monthly/seasonal plan
    • Include short announcement bursts for instant attention grabbing moments


    How do you know your digital signage is a success? Select a way to measure the response.

    • Feedback
    • Increase in sales
    • Uptake in promotions
    • Improvement in safety performance


    You will need a strategy to keep your digital signage content fresh, up to date and interesting."

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