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Upgrade to DisplayNote Launcher

Launcher aids productivity and improves how people meet by delivering a consistent and intuitive user experience.

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At the touch of a button

Your schedule in one place.

Launcher's smart room calendar picks up your video calls and meetings, so all you need to do is tap a button to start or join your calls. Launcher integrates with MS exchange and supports Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Lifesize, and Webex.

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Experience Better Meetings

With One-Touch Access

Launcher’s room calendar picks up scheduled calls and meetings, saving precious time. Tap a button to start or join your calls. With a laser-sharp focus on user experience, setting up a room with Launcher is simple and straightforward.

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An Intuitive Organised Interface

Saving You Time

An intuitive and organised interface makes it easy to find and launch the apps you use the most, saving precious time and letting you focus on what matters.

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Safe and Secure

Pin Protected

Launcher keeps what you do on a meeting room screen, private and secure. All settings are PIN protected, and one tap clears your footprint, closing apps, and clearing any browsing history. Keep your set-up safe from the curious by enabling kiosk mode and limiting access to the Windows desktop.

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Transform Your Workspace

Use On The Go

Using the Launcher app for iOS and Android, gives users access to their personal video calls and content on any screen, cutting down the need to sign in and out of meeting room screens.

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