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A Leading Research University Enhances Interactivity with Clevertouch Solutions

A world-renowned research university makes the switch to interactive displays to enhance teaching and learning.


Birkbeck-University of London (London, U.K.), one of the world’s leading research universities, aims to “maintain and develop excellence in research and provide the highest quality research training.” In its mission to provide instructors and students with a more engaging teaching and learning environment, the Learning Space Technology Department began a search for an innovative technology solution. At this point, educational technology consisted of projectors that provided some level of engagement, but decision makers were looking for a more cutting-edge solution. “It was a challenge finding a suitable alternative for our historical lamp- and laser-based projection whilst also offering a more engaging and interactive experience for users,” states Alex Horsburgh, Learning Space Technology Manager.
In their search, Birkbeck was introduced to the UX Pro interactive display by Clevertouch® Technologies. This innovative solution allows for increased opportunities for users to collaborate and engage thus optimizing the teaching and learning environment. Over time, costs are minimized compared with having to purchase replacement bulbs and parts for projectors. Horsburgh comments, “From a maintenance perspective, there is very little upkeep involved.” 
Birkbeck invested in 14 UX Pro interactive displays and installed them in classrooms and lecture theatre spaces.

Key Solution

“The Clevertouch screens deliver on two fronts for us,” continues Horsburgh. “For teaching, they provide a broader set of tools that enhance the experience. They also provide an ideal solution for meetings and digital signage.”

Features of the UX Pro interactive display that help maximize engagement include:

  • Super Glide Touch technology provides users with the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen, and can differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing
  • Infinity Whiteboarding so that users never run out of space while writing key points, annotating data, and recording student input. All notes can be saved, printed, and shared.
  • With 45W max power for sound, everyone in the room can hear what is projected from the interactive display
  • Sync with Cloud accounts such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to work anytime from anywhere, and share content with colleagues and students

For Birkbeck, interactivity was key in their decision to invest in the UX Pro. “Having our users make use of the whiteboard applications, screen sharing, etcetera, opens up new possibilities to the learning and teaching experience,” declares Horsburgh.

“The University is also expanding into other areas of our (Clevertouch) Digital Ecosystem with the deployment of CleverLive Room Booking Displays to easily manage bookings of their spaces.”

Nick Barker, Clevertouch Business Development Manager​​​​​​​


“I worked with Alex to specify the correct displays for the Cambridge House project,” shares Barker. "I’m looking forward to working with them moving forward to help users get the most out of the interactive technology.”

We are confident that since the installation of the Clevertouch UX Pro interactive displays, Birkbeck instructors and students have had more enhanced collaboration experiences. 

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The powerful and feature rich UX Pro was choosen for this installation

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