Inspiring Classroom Experiences

As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology in the classroom. The Clevertouch Ecosystem enables today's teaching professionals to focus their valuable time on creating life changing learning experiences, with seamless technology that is as simple to operate as it is dynamic. Transform a lesson into an extraordinary event, empower students to interact, and discover the impact of immersive learning with the Clevertouch digital classroom.

Interactive Displays

Get everyone involved with whole-class learning

Clevertouch offers the original progressive front of classroom interactive display. Designed by teachers for teachers, IMPACT Plus is more than just an interactive display - it’s a collaborative touch screen experience to allow the thinkers of tomorrow to learn dynamically.

The range of sizes allows touchscreen-enhanced lessons to be delivered in any teaching facility, with free resources to compel educators to go beyond the norm: wireless technology, faultless functionality, and seamless connectivity. Our systems and software are coherent with international and UK standardised learning frameworks for streamlined, efficient teaching.

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The Clevertouch Warranty

Robust Technology for High Demand Teaching

We know that schools are vibrant, busy, and fast-paced environments - and your technology needs to stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Our technology is designed to consistently deliver extraordinary learning experiences in line with standardised curriculums, and as such are tough, robust, and secure. With the Clevertouch warranty, you invest not just in technology that amplifies learning experiences, but in outstanding resources to support generations to come.

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Digital Signage

Powerful Messages, Delivered Digitally

Our cloud digital signage platform Clevertouch Live enables you to communicate, inform and advise staff, visitors and students by distributing dynamic messages throughout the school and across multiple campuses.

Display timetables, event calendars, safety protocols, and more with ClevertouchLive which has 200+ templates containing video, text, poster, social media, and live streaming zones ready for schools to edit and personalise to create innovative digital signage.

Clevertouch Live seamlessly integrates with CleverMessage enabling you to send emergency messages instantaneously to all synchronized screens around the grounds, ideal for fire drills, Covid 19 updates etc.

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Cleverstore Learning Apps

Engage Students. Empower Learners With Exclusive Free Cleverstore Apps

Tap into hundreds of high-quality educational apps to support teachers in delivering the curriculum to the very best of their ability. Our range of apps is available through the Cleverstore and covers every area of standardised curriculums, as well as specialist niches, including Coding, Math, Games, Literacy, and Science.

Multiple languages cater to international schools and language lessons and are 100% secure for school use with all content verified and ad-free. Every Cleverstore app is handpicked from the most creative educational app developers.

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LYNX Whiteboard

Powerful tools for active learning

Give your teachers the freedom to create lessons that suit their style. LYNX Whiteboard annotation and lesson planning enables educators to create their own interactive lessons and collaborate in the classroom. Design immersive, imaginative exercises that sync with your teaching style, student needs, and lesson objectives to develop engaging resources that are bespoke to your classroom.

As an advanced cloud-based system, LYNX Whiteboard is accessible from anywhere to create digital lesson resources at your convenience and runs on multiple platforms as well as in dual screen mode for enhanced student engagement.

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