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Corporate Digital Signage

Clevertouch delivers a range of cost effective enterprise solution products for corporate digital signage – cloud digital signage, digital signage screens, room booking panels and collaborative white boards.

Specifically designed for a corporate environment, the Clevertouch digital signage for business solution is easy to use and takes less than ten minutes from installation of hardware to displaying professionally designed company branded messages.

Engage with visitors through welcome messages, induction videos and product advertising, or keep  employees motivated with recognition of acheivement messages, safety instructions, company policy information, sales KPI's and more.


Digital Signage

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Room Booking

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Large Format Displays

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What our Corporate clients say:

“It was very simple to set up. We now have an easy way to pass on important messages to staff and the response to the screens has been very positive. The Clevertouch software is easy to use and adding content is a quick and simple process?

Head of Communications, Yeo Valley

Corporate digital signage

Clevertouch manufactures dedicated digital signage solutions for corporate messaging which is ideal for both internal and customer facing communications.

Users can engage dynamically with a large targeted audience to display messages that incorporate media formats including text, photos/images, videos, web pages, RSS feeds and social media.

Digital signage for business

Clevertouch manufactures a complete digital signage for business solution ideal for all areas and application needs of the organisation.

Managed from a single web-based cloud platform, the range includes large format displays, free standing kiosks, room booking panels, collaborative whiteboards and interactive touch screens.

Effective and efficient communication

Internal communications

Forget bulk emails that don’t get read, printed dog-eared notices on pinboards or the piles of internal memos that get distributed and disregarded, corporate digital signage is a more effective way to communicate internally. Whether you want to send internal communications, track KPI’s or update staff on latest policy Sedao digital signage revolutionises the ways you can communicate internally.

KPI and dashboard systems

Keep track of department progress, boost employee morale and let everyone see sales and key data with KPI and dashboard systems that allow you to effectively communicate key information to your staff.

Live news feeds

Provide easy access to company news and industry relevant information for your employees to keep them on top of developments in fast moving work environments. Set up custom news for each display and communicate more effectively.

Customer reach

Customer communications

Communicate easily with your customers or visitors to your offices with static or interactive digital display systems. From providing valuable company, marketing and safety information to way finding directions, inquiries and simply showcasing your work and projects dynamic digital signage displays help engage with your audience.

Content triggering

Our systems allow you to set up bulletin alerts and emergency messages for instant communication across your company. Whether you need to update everyone on the latest health and safety guidelines or quickly communicate internal changes, our content triggering systems are there to help.
Send these triggers using a mobile device for swifter distribution in urgent situations.

Customer and staff communications

Creating a welcoming environment for visitors both customer and suppliers ensures a positive first impression and enables you to promote products, display induction videos, advertise employment opportunities, provide touchscreen directions, meeting room information and more. Our software allows you to create separate displays for each screen to help you communicate with each group more effectively.

Integrated hardware and software solutions

Our dedicated teams will work with you to provide an integrated hardware and software solution package that makes it easy for you to communicate your digital signage message.

Our solutions include:
Digital signage software – CLOUD and LOCAL CMS  |  Digital signage media players  |  Professional LFD screens  |  Room booking panels

Live Rooms

Room booking systems

Our Clever Rooms interactive Room Booking System improves the meeting room booking process.  Staff can book rooms from desktop ME/O365 calendars or at the source, as and when required, cutting down on admin time and preventing double-booking. Our easy to use room booking software manages all bookings for you and displays room availability at a glance.  The panels can also dispaly digital signage messages and instant alerts to keep staff nearby informed at all times.

Large format displays

From hotel lobby digital signage solutions to welcome your visitors to in room displays integrated with information and TV services our large format displays are designed to offer you unique ways to communicate.

Media players

Our media players and servers let you centrally manage all communications and allow you to customise each individual display or group of displays on the network. This allows you to quickly change information on your screens and create separate marketing messages for rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and other areas.

Be different. Be noticed.

Kiosk dispays

Large format digital displays are perfect for making your trade show kiosks stand out from the crowd. From interactive displays showing your services and catalogues to case studies and key information help your company get noticed.

Interactive touchscreen displays

Interactive and touch screen displays can be used to create engaging experiences for your visitors. From providing menus and ordering systems to local information and service information create portals to engage your customers.  QR codes can be embedded to enable viewers to manage screen content.

Market leading software

Our award winning software allows you to quickly create and manage visual displays embedding a variety of content options including images, video and text to calendars, message bars, digital clocks and news feeds.  Live stream social media and Live TV for more interactive digital signage.

Creating seamless internal communication with corporate digital signage

An internal communications strategy allows you to keep employees engaged and informed on company policy such as OHS and HR information, recognise employee achievements, visualise sales and safety KPI’s, live news feeds and more.

Instant messaging is also possible with the ability to broadcast fire drill announcements and other safety alerts across all screens including LFD's, Room Booking and Collaborative Boards.

Implementing digital signage reduces the need for constant emails, phone calls and meetings, and with Sedao providing editable templates, the digital signage message can be customised to suit the company brand within minutes.

Communication strategies can include:
​​​​​​​Internal communications for staff - welcome messages, company policy details, site safety information, career opportunities, success achievements and awards, update of external news.

A successful strategy which keeps information relevant is a key motivator for staff.

Large format displays

Our large format displays are specially designed for continuous use, providing high quality display systems in perfect graphics. From small meeting room or office displays to giant foyer displays we can provide and install large format displays for every area of your premises.

Media players

Our media players help you centralise all displays with playout software, landscape display systems, wall or ceiling mounting brackets and quick and easy to use software. They provide a simple solution to connect your digital displays, create tailored content and display programs and control the playback of each screen.

Create a positive first impression for new vistitors, and an inspiring workplace employes with a digital signage strategy that features engaging communications. 

Whether it is welcoming visitors to the premises to notifying employees of policy details, the extensive range of Sedao digital signage solutions are designed to make the communication process simple, affordable and dynamic.

Interactive screens/touch screen dispays

From providing and collecting information, to meeting room booking systems we can provide oyu with interactive digital displays and tablet displays that make internal and customer communications easy to manage.

Market leading software

Our software allows you to easily create, manage and distribute visually stunning displays throughout your business. Choose to edit and brand existing templates, create your own, add feeds, videos, music and images to help you communicate your messages effectively.