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Future of Tech in the Workplace

Think back ten years ago. In 2010 you were probably still carrying around an A-Z map rather than relying on Google Maps to get you somewhere. Texting people rather than engaging in WhatsApp conversations. Remote working was an idea, rather than a reality, and Slack to keep up to date with what’s happening with your colleagues not even a thing. Shaun Marklew, Group Sales and Product Director at Clevertouch, says that ‘a decade ago feels like a lifetime ago, so much has changed'. 

The working environment has changed immensely due to technological advances, and that trend is only set to continue. What will 2030 look like?

‘Floating’ profiles

Today’s worker demands connectivity. Always on the go, they want to be able to access their resources, documents, and colleagues wherever they are. In the future we will see more agile workspaces that can be accessed from any location. Profiles will ‘follow’ us around and ‘float’ with us, according to Shaun, with no need to sign in. You’ll walk into a room and your profile will sign in automatically, be available to you as soon as you pick up a device, you’ll link up when in your car so you can be always on, and connect instantly to any technology that is linked to the cloud. Rather than devices being connected, humans will be. 

Flexible working will be the norm – and easy

We’re already seeing a growing shift to flexible working – both in terms of time and location – and a move away from office based 9-5 roles to a more agile workforce, moving away from traditional office environments to workspaces that adapt to suit individual space and technology requirements.  In the future we will be able to work how and where we like, because technology will make it simpler to. People want to be able to work remotely – according to one study 95 percent of U.S. knowledge workers want to work remotely, and 74 percent would be willing to quit a job to do so.  The ability to work from anywhere also makes a business geographically neutral, so they can recruit the best talent, regardless of their location. The United Nations has pledged to provide universal internet access by 2030.  This will allow businesses to thrive and compete on a global scale. UX Pro already makes it possible for people to join meetings wherever they are, and this functionality will become the norm, allowing access and connection from any place in the world.

Environment will be a driving force

The environment matters to millennials and Gen Z, who will be the workforce of the future. Not having to print off documents or create endless paperwork due to cloud connectivity will be a big plus for them in the future. Having access to documents no matter where you are, and being able to collaboratively view, share and edit will be a big plus point for any technology provider aiming to sell into businesses. UX Pro already makes paperless working a reality, and this will become even more important as the decade progresses.

Simplicity will be key

Key to growth for technology solutions is ensuring simplicity. Software and hardware will only be adopted if it’s easy to use. ‘From speaking with enterprises the main thing we hear is that they want simplicity,’ says Shaun. ‘The meeting room solution has to be simple to use, and busineses have to want to encourage people to use it. If it is complicated or difficult to connect or set up it creates a barrier to use.’ UX Pro connects to existing platforms such as Microsoft and Google, so that people don’t have to waste time learning new tools or transferring documents – they can just plug in and go. 

Clevertouch are always listening to what enterprises want, and enhancing their systems and technology to respond to this. UX Pro systems will evolve and adapt according to trends and demands of the individuals and enterprises using their technology. By 2030 every meeting room will have responsive, integrated, and unified communications systems that do exactly what the business and employees demand. Technology should be built with the user experience in mind – and that’s exactly what Clevertouch have done with UX Pro. 



The environment matters to millennials and Gen Z, who will be the workforce of the future.“