Snowflake by NUITEQ

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NUITEQ Snowflake is a desktop and online educational software that brings interactivity to your school and boosts classroom engagement by using Smarter Human Interaction. Snowflake enables teachers and students to tell engaging, interactive stories that align closely with the curriculum, it provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it allows simultaneous personalized instruction making curriculum relevant to students' lives.

For teachers, Snowflake also means spending less time preparing and more time working with students. 

Smarter Human Interaction means doing more with every touch, and it means minimizing the effort of every student to be active learners. 

The software supports:

  • PROJECT-BASED LEARNING: Create an adventure with a list of lessons.
  • STEAM LABS, MAKER SPACES: Learn and create with video tutorials and hands-on activities.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: With online courses and videos.
  • MULTIPLE MEANS OF PRESENTATION: Keep slides, websites, videos, and activities always visible.
  • LEARNING STATIONS: For small groups in upright and tabletop settings.
  • STANDARDS ALIGNMENT: Lessons made by teachers for teachers.
  • STUDENT VOICE: Less typing more formative feedback.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Guided access, voice recording, dyslexia friendly font, and color overlays.