Connect and Collaborate

Connect and Collaborate
By Mikael Nilsson on 24 maj 2019

Not sure which UC solution you should adopt? Cross platform collaboration could be the answer, explains Clevertouch Chief Technologist, Shaun Marklew.

The buzz of excitement surrounding the new wave of collaborative meeting solutions was difficult to miss at this year’s UCEXPO. Hardly surprising with the huge array of UC systems on offer: from the new and improved Microsoft Teams, to global favourites Webex and Zoom, there are countless ways to connect across the geographical and virtual boundaries.

At Clevertouch, we welcome these improvements in intelligent communications. Microsoft Teams, for example, is great news if your whole organisation is already using Microsoft 365. But what if that all-important client is a Zoom user or has a G-Suite preference? This doesn’t need to be a cause for concern: with Clevertouch, businesses don’t need to be limited to one choice. One of the Clevertouch answers is Stage, a UC platform in its own right, included with your Clevertouch touchscreen; Stage is a browser-based UC cross platform application, Windows 10 compatible, perfect for lightweight video conferencing and all other aspects of corporate collaboration. 

The Clevertouch solution is designed to be seamlessly compatible with however you want to work, so if your business is not tied to one platform or in the position to purchase a multitude of licences, contribute to their IT upkeep and service the ongoing cost of their annual fees, then Stage could be the solution. With Stage, businesses can collaborate internationally with users of any OS, whether they are using a PC, tablet, mobile or large format interactive display. A meeting via Stage requires only a web browser and a code, then it is good to go on any platform, in any country, on any device. Stage could be perfect for your company if you want the flexibility to communicate with a wide range of customers and clients but are not in the position to invest large sums in one particular platform. There are no ongoing licence fees, no subscriptions, no connector accounts and no hidden costs.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the problems of blue links, downloads, plugins or other issues that could fail to satisfy the security system of your business, or that of your clients. Stage allows people in the room - and remotely - to team up with your Clevertouch Pro screen from any device, enabling collaboration from anyone, from any company, regardless of platform, due to the web browser connectivity, allowing others to join with no software or installation of files. With the Stage web browser and code system, your IT department will be satisfied that the security is robust. Stage also boasts an A+ rating from Qualys SSL Labs – the highest ranking possible. The web browser connectivity means that external or visiting meeting participants do not have to access - or compromise - your internal IT systems. The extremely secure access to Stage is confirmed by a white paper, which verifies its safety of use across all systems and platforms. 

Many of the meeting solutions seen at UCEXPO this year centered much of their pitch on the notion of collaboration. Can the whiteboard be seen by all participants? Can remote participants share their screen? Can I return to notes made at the meeting? For many meeting solutions providers, multiway inking is seen as a vital collaborative tool allowing all participants to be involved in decision making in the meeting, rather than simply standing by as a passive viewer. With Stage, inking can be achieved at a truly collaborative level: participants can join in, without the need to seek permission to control the screen, and become part of the live conversation. In addition, four screens can be viewed simultaneously and the meeting can be returned to in the cloud later, or the meeting notes can be saved as a PDF.

As well as multiway inking, the expectation for all modern UC platforms is the notion of real time collaboration with the inclusion of instant messaging, video, voice, and desktop sharing. The Clevertouch Pro Series enable all of this and more – without the need to move away from your preferred platform - resulting in a dynamic, agnostic and intelligent Enterprise Eco System. The simplicity of the user interface is highly intuitive for participants familiar with any platform, helping you save time and hassle in meetings: simply click, connect and collaborate.