World Environment Day

World Environment Day
on 05 juni 2019

When World Environment Day first launched its themed year in 1974, it could hardly imagine the digital revolution the world would later experience: electronic mail was still in its infancy, the iPhone had not been invented and Clevertouch was 35 years away from presenting its first touchscreen to the world!

That first themed World Environment Day campaign in 1974 was the still topical Only One Earth theme, and today over 140 countries participate to help raise awareness of environmental issues.

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is #beatairpollution and we all know we should be doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. 

In the spirit of doing our part to help raise awareness, here are three ways you can #beatairpollution with your Clevertouch.

  1. Save paper. This seems obvious but going digital has reportedly saved around 10-30% of paper in modern workplaces. Consider other ways to save any paper that you absolutely must print. Can you reduce margins to fit all information on to one sheet? Do you need to print each page of that PowerPoint in full? Can you use the comments section to edit on line? Apps, shared lessons and screen mirroring can also prevent the need for printing and photocopying a multitude of lesson resources for schools too. Saving paper is not only good for the environment but good for your budget.
  2. Save your carbon foot print. In the age of unified communications, is a face to face meeting really necessary? Meeting solutions have gone far beyond a dodgy picture on an unsecure connection. Today you can multiscreen and multi-ink, meaning real time collaboration and participation, no matter where you are in the world.
  3. Save space. Cloud computing removes the need for on PC storage, meaning easier accessibility for users and also can mean fewer computers and therefore more efficient use of building space. It also removes the need for unnecessary physical space for files. Can you scan that document rather than file it? Businesses using the Stage UC platform from Clevertouch could also save space on filing meeting notes or minutes – meetings and their associated records can be revisited after the meeting cycle has ended or saved in a PDF format.

Visit the World Environment Day website to see more ways you can meet the challenge to #beatairpollution at