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KS1 - English - Goldilocks

KS1 - English - Goldilocks

Learning Intention:

To be able to retell a well-known fairy tale

Top Tips:

  • Oral story telling skills are so important –by encouraging your child to have a go at retelling a story they know well will tell you such a lot about their comprehension and language skills. Do they construct full sentences? Are there gaps in their vocabulary of the story? Do they really understand the important plot points of the tale?

  • YOU should share your version of the story (or other well-known tales) to your child so that you are modelling oral story telling and encouraging their enjoyment.

Ideas for afterwards:

  • Plan your own Goldilocks style story to encourage your child to follow a structure they already know but try some creative writing e.g. Smellysocks and the Three Dragons.

  • Share or roleplay some other well-known fairy tales. You might be surprised how many your child knows.

Subject: English

Recommended age group - 5-11 KS1+KS2

Topic: Fairy Tale