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KS2 - Science - Living Things Part 2 - Invertebrates

Living Things Part 2 - Invertebrates

Learning Intention:

To recognise different groups of invertebrates

Top Tips:

  • Watch Living Things Part 1 – Vertebrates

  • After watching, discuss creatures you might have questions about. Can the video help you classify them? Do you need to do more research?

  • Invertebrates are great creatures to study – they are all around us! Observe, draw and classify!

Ideas for afterwards:

  • Spot and classify invertebrates on your daily walk. Please try to leave them in their habitats and cause no harm!

  • Draw diagrams and label them with the features that will help you classify them.

  • Can you make your own Living Things Tree of Life diagram and add on all of your favourite creatures or plants?

Subject: Science

Recommended age group - 8-11 KS2

Topic: Invertebrates