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KS1 - Phonics - Long "A"

KS1 - Phonics - Long "A"

Learning Intention:

To read, write and spell words with the long vowel sounds

Top Tips:

  • Hearing the long vowel sound and generating words together is the key to success. Use rhyming patterns shown in the video to create your own lists of words. Then sort them into spelling groups.

  • Get your child to read long vowel words phonetically (1 sound at a time) but ensure the long vowel part is said as one sound. E.g. paid is P – AY – D not P-A-I-D. Then make sure they can blend the word together so it is read normally.

  • Get your child to write the words and watch carefully HOW they form the letters. Letter formation and sizing are a very important part of remembering how to spell words and 1 to 1, you have a real opportunity to guide your child effectively.

Ideas for afterwards:

To try out the activities in the video, fill in this quick form.

  • Use words in the same group to generate short sentences that help to link the words together in your child’s mind. E.g. The maid paid for her grain on the train.

  • Make flashcards of some long vowel words – mix them up with others!

Subject: Phonics

Recommended age group - 5-7 KS1

Topic: Long Vowels