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Three ISTE Live Best of Show awards from Tech & Learning!

A leading provider of interactive technology, digital signage, classroom audio, campus communication, and services today announces that it won a total of three ISTE Live Best of Show awards from Tech & Learning. Solutions awarded include IMPACT Lux, CleverLive, and LYNX.

The ISTE Live conference invites educators from around the world to explore the latest innovations and approaches for implementing educational technology. This year's conference in Philadelphia, PA, welcomed thousands of attendees who engaged with exhibitors and subject matter experts on the use of dynamic technology. Tech & Learning judges evaluated nominated products based on the following: ease of use, value, uniqueness in the market, and proof that the product makes teachers' lives easier and supports student achievement. Our solutions' wins confirm our firm belief that we provide educators with better solutions for better results.   


IMPACT Lux is the top interactive flat panel for education, being the first panel with Google certification (EDLA - Enterprise Device Licensing Agreement). This achievement highlights its commitment to advanced and reliable educational technology. With seamless integration with Google Classroom and access to the entire Google PlayStore, educators have a vast selection of educational apps to enhance lessons and engage students. The panel's antibacterial glass and buttons prioritize hygiene and safety. With 40 touchpoints, multiple students can collaborate simultaneously, fostering an interactive learning environment. IMPACT Lux also offers powerful tools like the Cleverstore and LYNX Whiteboard for dynamic and personalized lessons.  


CleverLive is a cloud-based platform revolutionizing communication in education. It offers a comprehensive solution for districts and schools, capturing attention with informative posters and updates. With intuitive design tools, administrators effortlessly manage digital communications, controlling signage, screens, and bookings. Educators inspire students using multimedia content and the innovative 'virtual button' feature. CleverLive enhances collaboration, delivering an engaging learning experience.  

LYNX Whiteboard

LYNX Whiteboard is a groundbreaking software transforming education with its unmatched features and resources. With a wide range of pen tools, shapes, and 100 STEM activities, it is the pinnacle of educational software. Educators create captivating lessons with highlighters, drawing tools, and precise shapes. Robust math tools integrate mathematical concepts seamlessly. The software inspires curiosity and problem-solving with STEM activities. It offers a user-friendly interface for custom activities and AI-generated lessons tailored to specific criteria. LYNX Whiteboard elevates education with interactive and engaging experiences.  

"We are honored and proud to be recognized for our innovative education technology solutions at this year's ISTE Live," states Mark Starkey. "Our comprehensive solutions empower teachers with effective tools to enhance student learning. This recognition by Tech and Learning further validates the positive results our solutions bring, fostering a transformative educational experience for both teachers and students."  

For a complete list of this year's ISTE Live Best of Show winners, click here.


The ISTE Live conference invites educators from around the world to explore the latest innovations and approaches for implementing educational technology.