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School Leaders & Technical Support

It's vital that your school's technology is adaptable, simple for your teams to use, and is future-proofed. At Clevertouch Technologies, we will support you from initial demo, through the sales process and with aftercare support.

The Clevertouch Digital Ecosystem communication and collaboration technologies

Cloud accounts

Work and teach from anywhere

IMPACT and IMPACT Plus link with Cloud accounts, so your teachers can work from anywhere but still access all their resources on their classroom display.

For students learning at home, the IMPACT Plus display can also be used as a video call screen, so you can teach over Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

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Network Requirements

Use the link below to find out the latest basic network requirements that are needed to run and operate each of the Clevertouch services and stay up to date with the latest firmware releases.

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LYNX Whiteboard

Anyone can download LYNX Whiteboard FOR FREE to any device. Teachers can create classrooms and set work for their students, who can view lessons in their own time, or live with their peers.

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