The British Academy, U.K. – A Modern Refresh for an Institution with a Rich History

How a building dating back to 1831 was modernized with state-of-the-art technology.



  • The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences.

  • The Academy is an independent fellowship of world-leading scholars and researchers; a funding body that supports new research, nationally and internationally; and a forum for debate and engagement that champions humanities and social sciences.
  • The Academy is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion in all that they do.


The British Academy, which took up residence at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace in 1998, is driven by its goals to bring academic expertise to matters of public policy both nationally and internationally. In their refresh of the second and third floors of their building, they endeavored to include state-of-the-art workspace technology.

Some of their requirements included AV solutions that were simple to use, interactive displays that were wireless (no wires or cables on tables) and displays that provided the ability to engage in Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferencing.


Key Solutions

RunTech proposed the Clevertouch® UX Pro with its inbuilt i7 PC and multiple presentation options. The UX Pro is designed to provide users with a genuine collaborative experience. Key features of the UX Pro include:

  • 4K high precision technology which offers optimal lag-free writing experiences

  • patented Super Glide Touch technology for a fluid writing experience and can differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and styluswriting

  • infinity whiteboarding with handwriting-to-text recognition

  • ability to sync with cloud accounts such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Cloud

  • wireless or hardwired connections so users can connect safely using separate networks

  • proximity sensors so that the display powers off when no one is detected in the room

To modernize the look of the rooms, the UX Pro interactive touchscreen displays were flat wall-mounted (using Clevertouch heavy duty wall brackets). All the touchscreen displays were connected to the network with Zoom and Microsoft Teams apps loaded.


Users can wirelessly present to the UX Pro displays using the Clevertouch dongles or Windows Connect, along with the inbuilt PC and onboard Clevertouch features.

Because the displays are multi-touch, presenters can interact and communicate with the screens while fully utilizing the power of web-based tools for meetings, presentations, and webinars. Using integral software, the displays can present uniform and corporate content to support bookings.

In partnership with RunTech, the British Academy was provided with a technology solution that was reliable, simple-to-use, and versatile. We are thrilled that the British Academy was able to refresh workspaces using Clevertouch solutions and look forward to more opportunities to work with this distinguished organization.

A special thank you to RunTech, a smart technology innovator, AV systems integrator, and voice and connectivity provider for presenting the Clevertouch solution to their client.

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The multi award winning UX Pro was chosen for this installation

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