Immersive learning for the digital classroom

Every lesson needs to inspire. At Clevertouch we believe in enabling students to share work and collaborate naturally without the need to set up complicated equipment. Clevertouch provides the complete  all-in-one solution designed to deliver the ultimate collaborative teaching environment. Connect any device to your main display with ease and simplicity to enhance student learning. 

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Remote management

In-room collaboration

Engage and enable students to share content and ideas using Clevershare. Clevershare is designed to work with any device, allowing students to screen share and cast content and annotate no matter what platform you use (including iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome).

With up to 50 connected devices, and the teacher can choose which students’ screens to display on the main display. Annotate over them, change devices, and highlight content. This fluid way of working allows teachers to use their own tablet as a remote for the Clevertouch display, enabling them to walk around the room and interact with students. 

The flipped classroom

With more schools and colleges embracing alternative pedagogies such as the flipped classroom, our education range is designed to be flexible with an open platform approach, giving you access to cloud-based applications such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

With the flipped classroom, students are encouraged to work in smaller groups, interacting with each other, and sharing ideas and research. Clevertouch helps students work together on projects and present their findings to the whole class.

Built in collaboration tools

We’ve chosen to embed collaborative technology into our screens, to easily allow students and teachers to work on projects together. With split screen mode, dual-pen functionality, instant whiteboard, and on-screen annotations, the tools are readily available to share ideas and brainstorm without needing to leave the app or document you are working on. 

Share content with everyone

We’ve made it simple to share content at the end of a lesson. You can instantly save files to your cloud accounts, including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Email out notes from lessons with the in-built email functionality. Students can scan the on-screen QR code to have screenshots delivered direct to their personal devices.