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As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology in the classroom. Clevertouch is embracing immersive learning with intelligent digital classroom environments.

Our interactive panels come packed with free apps and software designed to meet curriculum requirements for you to deliver more engaging lessons. Our complete classroom solution is easy to use, simple installation and designed with more than 50,000 hours of use. With low maintenance and no on-going subscriptions costs we provide the full solutions.

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Advanced immersive learning made easy

Collaborate & present without limitations. Use any device to share documents with the screen
Clevertouch integrates with existing technology
Control all your screens centrally from your IT helpdesk
Bringing immersive learning to life with easy to use interactive technology

Apps for the classroom

Our Cleverstore is the first of its kind. A free and tested, dedicated educational app store where all apps (even those from familiar developers with big-name licences) have had all advertising and in-app purchases removed, allowing educators to use them in the classroom with confidence.


Our Products

Our multi award winning touchscreens are redefining the future of classroom

The all-in-one Plus Series gives you the complete package with no additional subscription costs.

These highly sensitive interactive touchscreens boast 4K resolution, 20-point touch, fast response time, cutting edge security and management features, making them perfect for organisations that need to provide a solution that will run on or off the network. Access your Cloud accounts and settings using our profile system.

Built to last, all screens come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Our industry partners

Clevertouch believe in making interactivity and collaboration simple and seamless. We’re dedicated to working with partners who share these values, and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with industry leaders with collaboration at their core.

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Device management

Device Management

As the use of technology within education increases, so does the amount of work required to manage updates, upgrades and provide user support. This is a major consideration for IT and system managers when reviewing school AV technology. Not only does your Clevertouch need to deliver on learning objectives, whilst improving the welfare of teachers, they need to be easy to manage.