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Clevertouch Essential Features and Support for FEHE

Clevertouch is proud to lead the way in digital, interactive teaching spaces. Our Communication and Collaboration solutions are designed to improve connections in Further and Higher Education, creating a better learning environment.

The next generation in collaboration

Our Further/Higher Education Solutions meet a wide range of needs, from Teaching Areas to Student Collaboration Spaces and Lecture Theatres. Discover a comprehensive solution that fosters uninterrupted learning and idea-sharing to maximise student potential. These solutions are meticulously crafted to support hybrid learning, providing dynamic and innovative spaces that grant students access to top-tier learning environments, whether in-person or remotely.

Essential Features 

EDLA Certification

Change is Coming with the new EDLA certification for IMPACT Lux - the first of its kind. With an in-built connection, you can easily access all Google apps without additional plug-ins. This includes popular apps like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and also the full Microsoft 365 Suite, including Teams, Word and PowerPoint.

Any Screen, Any Time

Users can access their personal profile and settings on any Clevertouch screen worldwide by simply swiping their fob, card, or device, thanks to the integrated NFC feature. This feature allows for seamless and convenient use of Clevertouch screens anytime, anywhere.

Security Matters

Our touchscreen technology effortlessly integrates with your current system. With advanced remote management tools, enhanced security features, and flexible network options, we guarantee hassle-free connections. Rest assured, our settings are customisable to ensure maximum security.

Android 11

Up-to-date Android versions are essential at the Further/Higher Education level for security purposes and to ensure ongoing compliance with Cyber Essentials.

Stay Connected

Our interactive displays are designed to deliver impactful lessons that provide valuable collaboration and improve understanding. Our higher education interactive learning systems allow every student to continue learning through digital communications long after the lesson ends. With enterprise-level communications, learners can discuss, brainstorm and share as a network of higher education students to extract the highest benefit from their studies. Fully compatible with the full Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Digital signage capabilities

With our full digital signage capabilities, you can make a lasting impression in any room. Use CleverLive to display maps on open days, share essential information with students, or create posters for your SU elections!


Included at no extra charge with no subscription costs. Our cloud solutions connect, control and improve the functionality of your devices. Learn more about CleverLive, Clevershare, MDM and Lynx Whiteboard.

CleverShare Casting

Our bespoke sharing solution allows up to 9 students to cast to the screen simultaneously. We are also the only manufacturer to provide streaming back to the students, meaning up to 50 students can see a live view of the screen on their device.

QR Code Sharing

At any time while using the screen, the educator can generate a QR code, which allows students to immediately get a copy of whatever is happening on the screen.


Working with new technology can be daunting, and you must ensure you're getting the most out of your new installation. That is why we have resources and tutorials to guide you and your team through every solution. Find the help you need here.

Additionally, we have Further Education Product Specialists on hand pre and post-installation for customised in-person or virtual training. The training sessions available include:

  • General screen use  
  • Clever Software Solutions, including CleverLive, Clevershare and MDM
  • Support/Advanced Training

Alternatively, our experts are always on hand to discuss your requirements, advise on our solutions or answer any questions. Contact us to discuss how we can transform your teaching spaces and the wider campus!


Our interactive displays are designed to deliver impactful lessons that provide valuable collaboration and improve understanding.