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IMPACT Plus Firmware Update

Introducing the latest firmware updates for IMPACT Plus! Read more to see what has changed.

Android has been updated to Android 11.

  • Improved Security – Latest Android Security Patch 2022-02-05.
  • Improved Performance – Operating System is now 64-bit.
  • Improved Touch Performance – Up to 32-points of touch on Windows.
  • Improved Samba – Samba has been updated to SMB2.
  • Improved App Compatibility.

LYNX Whiteboard is now your default Whiteboard.

  • Harness the full power of LYNX Whiteboard within the android app.
  • Create Lessons, build activities and much more.
  • You can still access the legacy whiteboard via apps try and assign as default through Settings.

Touch lock has been added to the Input Selector.

  • Once enabled, the standby button will unlock the touch capability.

Clevertouch MDM has been has been updated

  • Improved Stability – support for Android 11.
  • Fix for Remote Shutdown not executing.
  • Fix for Timing Triggers repeating.

ClevertouchLive has been updated

  • Improved Stability – support for Android 11.
  • Added option to alter ClevertouchLive boot on start-up time.
  • ClevertouchLive will now prompt that CleverLauncher is not supported on Android 11.

Cleverstore has been updated

  • Improved login issue on unstable networks.

Addressed login screen issue when switching between inputs.

AirServer has been removed from the firmware.

Mail app has been removed from the firmware.

Latest firmware updates for IMPACT Plus.