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Unlock New Productivity and Communication Features with Microsoft Teams’ Latest Update, Powered by Logitech CollabOS

Collaboration and communication are key components to any successful business, which is why Logitech and our partners at Microsoft are continuously working together to deliver new features and integrations that enhance your collaboration and productivity. 


We’re excited to announce powerful new features now available in our latest release of CollabOS for Microsoft Teams that will enable better content sharing, more intuitive collaboration, and easier meeting access:

  • HDMI-In audio support for Microsoft Teams rooms on Android
  • A FrontRow view that makes meeting participants more visible during screen sharing
  • Capability to join meetings by entering a meeting ID

Let’s take a look at how each of these features will support better meetings and easier collaboration for your next Microsoft Teams meeting.


HDMI-In Audio Support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

With the latest update of CollabOS for Microsoft Teams, sharing content from your laptop is now even more engaging and interactive. Thanks to the new HDMI-In audio support feature, you can seamlessly share your audio alongside your visual content using an HDMI cable from your Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini.



Typically when screen sharing, the content being shared takes up the whole screen, making virtual participants invisible to those in the room. With Microsoft’s FrontRow view, now available on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, you can now see meeting participants at the bottom of the screen during a screen share. Now everyone can be seen clearly throughout the meeting while also engaging with shared content. 


Join by Meeting ID

Now it’s even easier to join meetings. Employees can join a meeting by entering a meeting ID code directly into the Logitech Tap. This feature is especially useful for joining meetings hosted by external parties or if you just want to walk into a room and start a meeting. Just enter the meeting credentials, and join the call.


Get Started with CollabOS and Microsoft Teams today.

Update your Logitech video collaboration devices to the latest version of CollabOS using Sync now or with the Microsoft Teams admin centre as the updates become available. Also, be sure to check out the CollabOS release notes.


Originally published by Logitech.


With the latest update of CollabOS for Microsoft Teams, sharing content from your laptop is now even more engaging and interactive