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Using digital signage to shape the customer experience

In today’s environment, survival is a challenge for bricks and mortar retailers.  They compete with online stores which have lower overheads, and with fellow stores on the high street and in shopping centres.

Deploying digital signage is an ideal way to connect with your audience and create an engaging journey that results in driving revenue higher.


Here is an example of ways digital signage shapes the customer experience:

1. Window digital signage - Vibrant screens with interesting promotions catch the attention of passers-by and draw them to your window. 

If the store is open, the right digital signage content on the screen will entice customers in.  Statistics show that 8/10 customers have at one time, entered a store purely because the digital sign interested them.

If the store is closed, using interactive digital signage such as a QR code can empower customers and drive them to an online store so they can purchase even if your physical store is not open for business.

2. Directional digital signage – directing the customer through the store with digital signage empowers you to deliver the experience you want your customers to have, keeping it on point with your brand.

Displaying complementary products and bundle buys using dynamic posters, videos and social media content can increase revenue with upsells and impulse purchases.  Research shows that 44% of shoppers said social media influenced their purchasing decisions and found themselves purchasing products other than what the intended.

3. Engaging digital signage – digital signage can entertain your customers with interactive capabilities.  Products such as CleverLive digital signage has QR code and one touch button interaction which allows the audience to take control of what they see on screen.

Digital signage at the till goes a step further and helps to reduce perceived waiting times which improves the customer experience in your store.  Studies show that 84 percent of shoppers indicate that watching content on digital displays helps the time pass more quickly.

4. Announcement digital signage – instant announcements can be used to change the message on your screen quickly and easily, making it more relevant to the moment in hand.

If you want to have a flash sale, a thunderstorm breaks on what was a sunny day, or your store demographics change in an instant, with digital signage you can make an announcement or replace your content with a new message swiftly.  With the CleverLive one touch button function, staff can select a new message from a mobile device or tablet and it will change on screen within seconds.

Digital signage is also cost effective, reducing the need for printed material that goes out of date quickly and a single cloud based platform can manage multiple screens and stores, anywhere around the world.


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Digital signage at the till goes a step further and helps to reduce perceived waiting times which improves the customer experience in your store.