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2023 was the year of growth and gaining market share

The data is in from industry independent analysts Futuresource for 2023, and the Clevertouch brand went from strength to strength.

We continue to drive momentum through innovation and in 2023 we released the first Google partnered interactive touchscreen with IMPACT Lux. As a result, we saw our footprint increase in countries across Europe by double the number of units installed into classrooms and meeting rooms.

We also experienced a trend where more and more end users moved over to Clevertouch for our multi-award winning and easy to use interactive displays that are designed for ease of use. Users told us we gave them complete peace of mind with our comprehensive service, support and warranty.

Across Europe and Asia, we are either the number 1 country brand or top 3 and well positioned to be the trusted go-to interactive display brand for Education and Enterprise markets across more markets.

We’re the number 1 brand in five countries. In Australia, for three out of four years, we’ve finished the year as the number 1 brand.

In Denmark, where we’ve seen great success, we’ve been number 1 for five consecutive years.

In Finland, our in-country team and partner have increased Clevertouch market share to 40%.

Ireland has become number 1 for the first time overtaking Promethean with 36% market share.

Our long standing partner South Africa continues to drive the market with 25% market share.

Clevertouch is top 3 within these territories, and we are set to become the leading brand in: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, and Sweden.

Across the world, Clevertouch is the seventh largest brand globally and sixth within Europe.

As we continue to bring to market, new and innovative software and hardware, we will continue to build on the successes of our colleagues and partners.

In 2024 we’ll be launching Edge. An all-in-one screen with a built in 4K camera designed for the meeting room.

Thank you to all our loyal partners, end users customers and colleagues around the globe for the continued successes of Clevertouch.


Across the world, Clevertouch is the seventh largest brand globally and sixth within Europe.