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IMPACT Max firmware updates

Introducing the latest firmware updates for IMPACT Max! Read more to see what has changed.

Floating toolbar customisation

  1. You can now hold any button in the floating toolbar to remove or reorder. Each user can have a unique floating toolbar experience.

Clevershare has been updated.

  1. Hardware virtualisation optimisations.
  2. Default properties have been changed, with AirPlay and Google Cast disabled by default.
  3. Connection optimisations

Clevertouch MDM has been updated.

  1. Support for OTA updates over Clevertouch MDM
  2. Support for creating and deleting users on your Clevertouch display from Clevertouch MDM
  3. Support for setting native start-up and shutdown times on your Clevertouch display from Clevertouch MDM
  4. Connection optimisations

Added Kyrgyzstan translation.

Added Lithuanian translation.

Improved compatibility with third-party USB Hubs.

WPS Office app has been removed.

Mail app has been removed.



Latest firmware updates for IMPACT Max