Making integration and installation easier

Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are designed to be easy to install, easy to update, and easy to integrate with your current systems and processes. With remote management tools and increased security and network options, as well as a comprehensive warranty, Clevertouch offers long-term savings and increased return on investment.

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Remote management

Remote management and updates

As the use of technology within an organisation increases, so does the amount of work required to manage updates, upgrades and provide user support. This is a major consideration for IT and system managers when reviewing office AV technology. Not only does your Clevertouch need to deliver on the business objectives, they need to be easy to manage.

Using our MDM (Mobile Device Management) system allows your IT teams to remotely manage screens across your organisation from a single PC.
- Monitor activity, send updates and messages to each screen no matter the location
- Perform diagnostics
- Perform essential security functions like memory wiping on shut down
- Remove or install apps and software

Security concerns

Security is a major concern for corporate environments, especially in flexible and open working spaces. With cyber attacks on the rise, protecting the integrity of the company network is crucial – AV screen technology is often an area of potential weakness.

Clevertouch has incorporated a number of safeguarding measures:

- The screen can work completely independently of the network
- Creates its own wireless hotspot, meaning participants do not need to join the organisation’s Wi-Fi
- Use our remote management system to run diagnostics, lock-down, 
 switch off, or password protect any settings or apps across any 
 number of screens, no matter where they are
- Automatically wipe the screen when your session is finished

Existing hardware and software integration

It’s essential that in-office technology integrates with other systems and devices to ensure the efficient running of the business. How many hours have been wasted in meetings while the presenter attempts to connect to the main screen? Clevertouch has made this a key focus and as a result has delivered an open platform screen that works with existing hardware and software.

Software and firmware updates

Our over-the-air (OTA) technology means you’ll never miss a firmware update. New functionality, apps and updates will be seamlessly delivered to all your Clevertouch screens. Using our mobile device remote management and over-the-air updates you’ll always have the latest features and always be in control of updates.