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Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) located in London, England. With 400 nursing staff caring for almost 200 short and long-term patients, the RHN is the leading provider of medical services to people with severe disability due to neurological impairment.


The hospital has a history of visionary supporters and administrators including founder Andrew Reed, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, and many of the Royal family, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the current patron.

These visionaries support the hospital’s passionate mission ‘to direct every effort and apply all resources to bring maximum benefit to patients and their families’.

In 2015, improving the hospitals’ internal communications process became part of that vision.


To get common core messaging to staff as existing ward notice boards and internal electronic emailing methods were failing as many ward staff had no time to read email messages during the working day, and some staff, such as domestic services, had no access to email at all.

Selection process

Clevertouch was compared against a shortlist selection, succeeding as the project winner on the basis of:

  • Understanding of RHN needs
  • Customer service
  • Software capability
  • Content management features
  • Delivery timeframe
  • Price
  • After-sales support

Clevertouch solution

Clevertouch provided their off the shelf bundle solution which satisfied all the needs of the RHN and was at an affordable price.

Bundle: SWEP-V2 players with Clevertouch software and TV Screens

Unique Features:

  • Connect multiple screens to a single network
  • Service from a central management account
  • Multiple users - delegated content zones for updating by other departments
  • Easy to use intuitive interface with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Share information between screens
  • Link internal reporting databases to live KPI data
  • Unlimited multimedia zones to highlight various types of information in an engaging manner

The results

Clevertouch was implemented in common staff areas and has improved communications between the hospital management team and all staff.

Staff now have a better knowledge of updates such as forthcoming changes to the organisational structure, internal events, new appointments, and staffing schedules.

Clevertouch was also implemented in public areas which enables the hospital management team to distribute external communications messages to patients, family, and visitors.

RHN was able to demonstrate initiative and forward-thinking in their undertaking of a project which incorporated technology for the future. The project rollout has been a success.

"With a Care Quality Commission audit scheduled, implementing digital signage was a way to demonstrate willingness to be progressive in our approach to communications. Clevertouch were easy to deal with, able to meet our deadline and they had the perfect product."

Spotlight product

Pro V4 and supporting software was chosen for this installation

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