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The Clevertouch Technologies Gallery

In March 2021, Clevertouch Technologies moved to a new showroom – the Clevertouch Technologies Gallery. This coincides with the rebranding of the company name and logo, as well as a restructuring at director and management level, following the acquisition of the company by Boxlight. The new brand and logo are an extension of the globally recognised Clevertouch brand, Clevertouch Technologies, and illustrates the growth and direction the company will head into the future, building on their strength of delivering industry leading technologies for sectors including education, corporate and health.

The Challenge

To create an area where the Clevertouch Technologies range of products can be showcased, meetings can be held, and colleagues can work, as well as capturing the imagination of passing footfall who can interact with the technology from outside.


The Outcome

The showroom is a huge 2564sq ft modern open plan space, featuring the latest advancements in the interactive collaboration and digital signage technology manufactured by Clevertouch Technologies.  The extensive range of eye-catching products on display include interactive UX Pro and IMPACT Plus touchscreens, non-touch CM Series screens, Live Rooms room booking panels, and a show-stopping 165" LED Wall with content powered by Clevertouch Technologies digital signage platform.  There are also logos projected onto the floor, walls, and ceiling to create an element of colourful futuristic surprise.  

Three distinct zones were created, each one bookable remotely via an online calendar synced to Live Rooms room booking panels. Each zone’s meeting schedule was also displayed on a CM Series commercial display, giving an overview of the day’s availability.

The three zones, each have a distinct purpose:

Zone 1

The Huddle Room

The Huddle Room, featuring a 65" UX Pro, is ideal for small catch-ups or Zoom calls. With a Clevershare USB-C dongle to enable screen sharing from a laptop, phone, or tablet, the room stays clear of cables.

Zone 2

The Boardroom

The Boardroom holds an 86" UX Pro with Zoom Rooms enabled Intel OPS PC and a Jabra Panacast camera, ideal for larger meetings and video calls.

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Zone 3

The Gallery

The Gallery showcases all of the products and sizes in the Clevertouch Technologies range, including CM Series, UX Pro, IMPACT Plus, and the new LED Wall. It’s a great space for demos, training, and events.

Every display in the new showroom is connected to the same CleverLive account, allowing content to be updated instantly, either by a team member in the room or remotely by one of the tech team. Helen Kenniff, Digital Signage product manager, comments; "Managing all the gallery communication endpoints using the CleverLive platform enables us to quickly and easily update content, ensuring it is dynamic, relevant, and informative. It’s also ideal for sale pitches, as we can display the gallery communication endpoints with customer branding quickly and easily to ensure the content is personalised."

In the window, facing out to Bartholomew Close, a busy street in the heart of London’s City, is a 78" portrait CM Series. Powered by CleverLive, the screen shows a QR Code which can be scanned by passers on their phones. This changes the display, and the content on their phone, depending on which sector they choose. It can also be used to book a demonstration at a later time.

Mark Starkey, President, comments; "It’s not often that something stops people in their tracks in London, but passers-by to the new Clevertouch Technologies Gallery regularly pause, turn and gaze through the window."

Adam Kingshott, Marketing Director, adds; "We’ve created a space where our customers and colleagues can meet and experience our products in a relaxed and inspiring venue."