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LYNX: The App of Opportunity!

Join our US tour with Lynx as our guide… This is a blog for those who:

  1. Want to know why Lynx is much more than just a presentation tool.
  2. Have ever thought of planning a US road trip.

Working for Clevertouch isn’t all long road trips (visiting schools to demonstrate and train on our amazing touchscreens). Sometimes, we get to book some time off… for an incredibly long road trip! This year’s Middleton vacation is definitely one off the bucket list – a nearly 2,000-mile trip around California and Nevada in the land of opportunity. Of course, I’m not going alone. My wife, Rachel (who also works for Clevertouch as part of the sales team) and our nine-year-old daughter, Tallula (who some of you might recognise from Learn From Home videos we created during lockdown), are the driving force behind this adventure. Even though I’ll be the one doing the actual driving!

Planning such a complex trip was a laborious undertaking, and as I pieced it together, I wanted to make sure that Tallula had something to help her keep track of our progress and see what she had to look forward to. Step forward, LYXN Whiteboard – Clevertouch’s presentation software. But LYXN Whiteboard is SO much more than a tool for creating content at the front of the classroom. Hence, the reason for this blog. The LYXN Whiteboard file I made for Tallula is available to download at the bottom of the page, and you’ll see that it’s an interactive guide that she can navigate on her own. Using LYXN Whiteboard’s inbuilt media search, I not only found all of the images, but I was easily able to add video clips, too. The detailed maps were created using LYXN Whiteboard’s snipping tool on Google Maps, combined with LYXN Whiteboard’s various crop tools. The ability to make one map transparent as I slid it into place on top of another was also invaluable.

Our trip starts in Los Angeles, from where we head up the coast to San Francisco for a few days. Then we’re off into the Wild West, visiting several national parks – and hopefully avoiding any forest fires. Talking of heat, after Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia, we head into Death Valley. Maybe we’ll be there as the world record temperature of 57 degrees Celsius is beaten! Hopefully, we’ll also be winners at our next stop – Las Vegas. Finally, we return to Los Angeles to explore Hollywood and spend a day at Universal Studios.

All being well, my plan is to create a follow-up LYXN Whiteboard guide to what we actually saw and did over in the States. I hope you’ll look out for it.


Download the LYNX Whiteboard file here.


Download the LYNX Whiteboard file here.