Clever Message

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For instant, centrally controlled on-screen alerts and announcements 

Designed with our technology partner SedaoLive, Clever Message maximises the use of the Clevertouch screen by displaying important alerts, announcements, daily messages, promotional communications, and eye-catching digital media.

Alerts can be sent across an entire digital estate of Clevertouch screens in real-time.  The Clevertouch display can be controlled remotely or from the school office to communicate onscreen notifications such as evacuation notices, health and safety messages and general announcements, disseminating information quickly and efficiently across the entire facility.

The screen override feature means that important alerts or announcements are pushed to the front of any active sessions.  Clevertouch screens can be configured into groups such as buildings, education zones or subject matter.  Messages can then be sent to a group of screens, a single unit or the entire estate to ensure only relevant information is received in the correct locale, such as the best evacuation exit in the case of a fire.

Clever Message can also be configured to display useful information when standing idle at breaktimes and in between lessons, such as news and weather feeds, pupil birthdays, school events, homework reminders, sports team triumphs and exam results - turning the Clevertouch screen into a dynamic digital communication board when not being used in class.

With its intuitive and simple design, the central office can simply drag-and-drop images, audio, or video files directly into the app, providing quick and hassle-free control of the display.  It utilises SedaoLive’s cloud-based content management system, so all materials can be securely stored online and accessible at all times from any location.

Clever Message is available on all Plus and Pro Series screens from Clevertouch, at no extra fee, expanding the functionality of this powerful display into a digital information signage device as well as its primary purpose - a front of class interactive display.