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Rowan Tree Primary School Education Technology Solutions

Rowan Tree Primary School is a specialist school for pupils ages 4-11 with severe and complex needs in Atherton, Manchester. The priority of staff is to put the children at the centre of everything they do. They actively work with each child to create an appropriate environment to enable and support them to learn as much as they can.


Rowan Tree Primary School wanted to upgrade their outdated whiteboard solution in two of the school’s classrooms. They sought an all-in-one interactive digital display board that could offer a host of intuitive features to keep students engaged and help with day-to-day teaching. It was also specified prior to the installation that the proposed display screen would need to be robust and resilient whilst having a degree of flexibility with the mounting solution. To meet the diverse needs of their students, they wanted to easily and safely adjust the height of the screen depending on whether the screen was being used by a member of staff or a pupil.

Key Solution

Due to the students at Rowan Tree Primary School having diverse needs and learning capabilities, it was vital that the digital display board we chose offered a wide range of interactive features and functionality. After a detailed discussion with the client, it was decided that the best product for their requirements was the Clevertouch 65” Impact Max Touch Screen Display. This advanced digital display screen makes ordinary lessons extraordinary with dynamic lesson content and resources such as the LYNX Whiteboard. A huge selection of pen tools and collaborative exercises gives Rowan Tree teachers unlimited options to create lessons that are suitable for pupils of all abilities.

In addition, the built-in Cleverstore app offers hundreds of free apps designed specifically for use in the classroom to elevate learning. Aside from the assortment of teaching tools available, the Clevertouch 65” Impact Max Touch Screen Display offers the functionality, durability and 4K resolution to really bring lessons to life. These digital displays are manufactured from robust materials that can withstand impact, and the patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touch screen.

“The robust and resilient Clevertouch 65” Impact Max’s intuitive features and flexibility made it the ideal choice for Rowan Tree and the diverse needs of their pupils. The cloud-based solution is straightforward to use and the Cleverstore app offers access to a plethora of educational resources for the end user”

To ensure the safety and flexibility of positioning, we secured the screens in each classroom with a B-Tech Motorised Height Adjustable Flat Screen Floor-to-Wall mounting solution. Perfect for use with large touch screens and interactive display screens, it can support loads up to 100kg. The electronic height adjustment enables effortless raising and lowering of the digital displays, allowing staff to easily adjust the height at the touch of a button depending on who is using them. An essential aspect of B-Tech's Motorised stand was the automatic safety cut off feature that halts motion as soon as any movement is detected underneath the screen as it’s being lowered; this was non-negotiable due to student safety being of paramount importance at Rowan Tree.

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