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Digital Signage for Schools

The Clevertouch digital signage solution for education is specifically designed to enable administrators to communicate easily and effectively with staff, students, parents and visitors.

The user friendly online platform makes it quick and easy to distribute messages to educate and keep selected audiences informed.

With Clevertouch Digital Signage, administrators can create visitor welcome messages, display student work or broadcast staff notices that incorporate live news feeds, social media streams, safety instructions and many other media formats.


Digital Signage

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Room Booking

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Large Format Displays

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What our Education clients say:

“We use Clevertouch and have found the solution to be robust and reliable with ongoing upgrades. Any issues have been dealt with efficiently and effectively. The cloud based solution is straightforward to use and provides users with a good user interface to update content, without being able to change the overall account. We would strongly recommend Clevertouch as a solution and it works very well for our needs.?

Queens University, Belfast

Education digital signage applications

Clevertouch Digital Signage display screens for schools and education institutes can be used for both internal and external communications, making them the ideal platform to broadcast information to students, parents, visitors and faculty staff.

The ability to include dynamic multimedia formats such as text, photos, videos, safety instructions, web pages and social media ensures the content of the message is engaging and resonates with the audience.

With our unique software platform features, wayfinding and directional information is easily included on display screens.

The range of digital signage solutions manufactured by Clevertouch are fully flexible and suitable for a single or mulitple application.

Messages can be displayed to a variety of display screens including large format displays (LFD's), free standing kiosk displays, room booking panels and interactive touch screens.

Managed from a central platform it is easy to create separate digital signage communications for departments, faculty, visitors and students.

Taking less than ten minutes to edit and upload messages, improves communication time and distribution.

Stay informed

Staff and faculty communications

Update staff on policy, meetings and important information with internal message boards that can be displayed in all staff offices and meeting rooms. From updating staff on the latest timetables, to booking meetings and providing updates on health and safety and welfare issues, the Clevertouch school digital signage systems are ideally suited to keeping staff up to date.

Communication is key

Student communications

Keep students in the know about school activities, school policy updates, after school groups, timetable changes and school policy with centralised communication displays that can be used in classrooms, hallways and student areas. Easy updates and access allow staff and faculty members to add updates as and when required with ease.

Live Rooms

Room booking systems

Live Rooms, the interactive room booking system enables staff to book meeting and other rooms when required, cutting down on administration time and errors in communications.

The easy to use solution integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365 making it simple to book via a central calendar or at the source on the panel.

When not in use as room booking, the panel can be used to display general digital signage messages. The panel can also be included in alert messaging groups.

Limitless creative communication options

In addition to a range of editable templates, Clevertouch offers a digital signage education software that enables users to create media displays in a large variety of formats to communicate more effectively.

Clevertouch digital signage solutions reduce the need for constant emails, phone calls and meetings by opening up lines of communication between staff and students.

Clevertouch school digital signage software can included multimedia formats such as rolling text, images, videos, social media and more.

Graphic design

The Clevertouch digital signage templates provide a huge range of creative opportunities including tables, calendars, news stories, images, videos, digital clocks and scrolling message banners all quickly customisable with our digital editing software.


Add timetable and calendars with predesigned templates that allow quick upload of  changes to students and staff. Update timetable changes and classroom changes quickly to keep students and staff up to date.

Visitor communications

Creating a welcoming environment for visitors ensures a positive first impression and enables school administrators to promote activites happening within the school.

News feeds

Add the latest live news and school news onto an internal news feed designed with individual school branding.

Use the feed to provide school news and keep student and faculty updated.

Instant message alerts

Clevertouch enables users to send instant digital signage messages to communicate safety alerts, special messages and more across the school student body and faculty.

Ideal for fire drills and calling students to class.

Integrated hardware and software solutions

The Sedao teams works alongside customers and partners to provide an integrated digital signage solution for education that provides displays and software in all key locations as well as full training for staff and faculty members who will be using the software.
Our solutions include:
SedaoLive CLOUD
SedaoLive Local CMS
SedaoLive Rooms
Sedao LFD's
Clevermessage – integration on Clevertouch screens

Large format displays

The Clevertouch digital signage display screens are specially designed for continuous use and to provide high quality displays in pixel perfect graphic design.

From large displays for hallways and assembly halls to small screens that can be integrated in classrooms and hallways we will design a system that supports communicate effectively.

Media players

The Clevertouch range of digital signage media players and servers connect the CLOUD or Local CMS system and control the playback of each individual screen or network of screens, perfect for creating separate communications for staff and students.

Discreet in size and easily wall or ceiling mounted  to maximise visual impact.

Interactive screens/ touch screen displays

Interactive and touch screen displays can be used in a variety of ways within education including as room booking systems, for collecting insights and opinions from students and facility to tablet displays for responding to information requests.

Market leading software

Sedao digital signage software enables users to easily create, manage and distribute visually stunning displays throughout the school. Choose to edit and brand existing templates, or create bespoke layouts with sound and images to bring communication with staff and students to life.

Deploying digital signage technology for broadcasting information across schools and campuses has become standard practise.

Sedao digital signage solutions ensure managing and displaying information across a single screen or a network of large format displays is quick and easy.