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Interactive Displays

For Education

Interactive Displays

For Education

Decades of Experience

Our team of former teachers have decades of experience in the classroom, and are now using their expertise to help schools choose their interactive tech. We’re here to support you through the whole process, from an initial demonstration, through installation and training.

Meet The Experts

Gareth Middleton

I work for Clevertouch as a trainer and demonstrator – but before I joined Clevertouch back in 2019, I worked as a primary school teacher for over 24 years.


Therefore, I would like to offer my services and expertise to potentially revitalise your use of “front of class” presentation software. Whether you have touchscreens or not, our screens or any other brand, I can offer you training and support to improve your practice and make learning more interactive and engaging for your children.

Meet The Experts

Ryan Stapleton

I work for Clevertouch as a trainer and demonstrator – I worked as a teacher, Senior School Leader, and ICT Lead for over 12 years before joining Clevertouch.


Choosing technology for your school can be a minefield so I would like to offer my services and expertise to help guide you safely through how you can integrate our innovative touchscreen technology into your existing infrastructure, making the change to Clevertouch engaging and purposeful for your staff. Whether you use Google or 365 I can help to support your teachers and make your life easier in the process. Bring reliability, creativity, and innovation to your lessons with our leading hardware and software offerings.

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Use Your Preferred Cloud Accounts

Integrate Seamlessly

Are you a Google school? Do you prefer Microsoft 365? Either way, Clevertouch’s interactive displays integrate seamlessly with your preferred cloud accounts. Access all your files, work from anywhere, set homework, and create exciting content!

Want to use your current resources?
Want to create new content?
Want to utilise lessons created by other teachers and education experts?

With our education apps you can do all of this, and it’s free with no subscriptions.


Lynx and lesson planning software allows teachers to create multi-page lessons with embedded media. Use with a connected computer, or in the Lynx app.

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Create interactive activities for your class, or join the online Lessons Community to download activities that others have created.

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We're here to help

Support before, during and after

Choosing new classroom tech is a big decision. We’re here to help, every step of the way. From introducing you to the product, to training your teaching staff, we’ll support you throughout the process, ensuring your high levels of adoption amongst teachers.