Technology partners

Clevertouch believe in making interactivity and collaboration simple and seamless. We’re dedicated to working with companies who share our values, and that’s why we’ve chosen to partner with industry leaders with collaboration at their core.

NUITEQ image
With its industry leading and magical product, Snowflake, NUITEQ® and its dedicated team have positioned themselves at the forefront of a rapidly growing market for interactive surface solutions.
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DisplayNote's mission is to improve how people share ideas and turn those ideas into action. Meeting spaces should be as productive and effective as possible with no time wasted worrying about tech, who can join and what kind of content can be shared.
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Clevertouch interactive displays include a slot for an Intel PC module, which powers productive meetings and collaboration.
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Clevertouch have teamed up with Zoom to bring you a new range of video conferencing touchscreens... coming soon.
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Skype for Business
Use the video conferencing set up your used to with Skype for Business
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Add a camera from Logitech
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Windows 10 Pro included with every PC module.
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Software designed for touchscreens
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