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Feature-rich collaboration solution for every meeting space

55" 4K  |  65"4K  |  75"4K  |  86"4K

Full range of sizes

Today’s workplace demands simple solutions for effective collaboration. New Zoom Rooms powered by Clevertouch gives you instant access to your Zoom meetings. Our screen’s proximity sensors will power up the screen straight into Zoom Rooms. No-fuss or delays, Zoom Rooms powered by Clevertouch is the perfect collaboration partner for every meeting space.


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Jabra Panacast



Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.

Jabra PanaCast

Inclusive Meetings

Panoramic-4K video using three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching. 180° coverage gives a more natural, inclusive view of the huddle room; the perfect partner for UX Pro and Zoom Rooms.


Zoom Rooms/inculsive_meetings
Jabra PanaCast

Instant collaboration

Plug-and-play technology lets you collaborate with others quickly and easily, bringing hassle-free video and audio to your meeting. Bring remote team members together and get more done in a collaborative environment.


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Jabra PanaCast

Intelligent video technology

Intuitive camera technology detects individual meeting participants and optimizes the field of view to include everyone in the conversation. Video quality is continuously optimized.


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Jabra PanaCast

Achieve more

Get more done, with an in-depth integration that allows you to remotely control meetings and devices. No hidden participants, no blind spots, no wasted space, and no wasted time, it’s as though they’re in the same room..


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Better meeting spaces. Better meetings.

Create collaborative, easy-to-use, modern meeting spaces with flawless video and audio


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HD Video and Audio

One touch to join, one click to share

Conference, huddle and training rooms

Powerful security and enhanced productivity

Optimised for every room size

Interactive white boarding capabilities

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Let the ideas flow!



How UX Pro works for enterprise


Cross-platform works with any software and apps


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Full range

Largest range of sizes available 55", 65", 75" & 86"


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Share securely

Screen mirroring with built-in security controls


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Seamless integration with your existing set-up

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Send messages, alerts, and media to all Clevertouch screens remotely


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High Precision Technology


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