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Clevertouch at Bett 2023

At Bett UK 2023, Clevertouch revealed its latest generation of interactive displays and solutions for education. 

The IMPACT Max and IMPACT Plus Gen 2 come in different sizes and offer a native Google search and Android application experience. They also provide easy access to Google Play and Google Classroom and have true 4K resolution.


The new displays come with Clevershare, a feature that enables sharing from any device, and Cleverstore, which hosts hundreds of classroom apps in different languages and subjects.


With IMPACT Max, you can use the Quick Launch Menu to easily access your most frequently used apps with just one touch. Plus, you can access annotation tools at any time, which will help keep your lessons flowing and your students engaged.


The CM Pro digital signage display offers unrivalled communication and information-sharing opportunities. Engage with visitors instantly with a personalised welcome message or wayfinding for easy navigation and create a welcoming environment for staff and students.


Cyber security in schools is more critical now than ever, so we've got lots of options for you to keep control of your device. Our IMPACT Plus Gen 2 display can run on-or-off the network. Settings, apps, and Android can all be disabled. Data can be wiped at the end of a session, and the screen can be locked with a secure passcode. Also, our MDM (Mobile Device Management) consolidates all of your organisation's displays into one easy-to-use management system.


Inclusivity is imperative in the classroom; everyone should have the opportunity to collaborate and engage with their classroom peers and teacher. To ensure no child is left behind, we created FrontRow, a range of products that enables all students to participate easily. Juno and EzRoom were featured at Bett 2023 as the ultimate all-in-one classroom solution and custom classroom-to-campus audio solution, respectively. 


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access annotation tools at any time, which will help keep your lessons flowing and your students engaged.