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Digital Signage driving safe warehousing environments

World Day for Safety and Health at Work - April 28 2021

Communicating safety messages to staff in a warehouse environment can be difficult as staff typically have limited or no access to company emails.  Digital signage technology solves this issue providing employers with the tools to communicate to a large staff audience at a cost-effective price.

Digital signage delivers many other advantages to an employer in addition to mass scale display and economic pricing.  For example, digital signage is a solution that can overcome language, cultural and educational barriers by placing an emphasis on the multimedia formats such as videos and images in the display content.  

In fact, the old adage by Fred R. Barnard in 1927, that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more accurate than in digital signage in the 21st century and has proven so successful in the dispatch area that employers use it for conveying key internal data in addition to external information.  

Industry leaders Clevertouch Technologies digital signage platform CleverLive is an easy to use platform that includes poster templates already created enabling users to upload safety messages within minutes, instant messaging from a single click for emergency alerts and has design creation tools to create presentations from scratch.

Additional features such as scheduling enables regular fire drills, lunch announcements and shift changeovers.

Popular uses demonstrating how digital signage in the warehouse environment drives safety include:

Safety – displaying posters and videos of safety procedures to minimise risk of injury or accidents in the workplace.  

Training – screening training videos to expand staff knowledge of activities.  

Emergency – instant messaging for fire drills, evacuation practices etc.

Morale –number of days without injury, promoting comradery and teamwork through staff recognition, introductions (new staff) and KPI achievements improves staff morale. 

Opportunities – notifying staff of new opportunities to promote employ from within culture.

External - live traffic reports which assist dispatch drivers on routes.

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Digital signage delivers many other advantages to an employer in addition to mass scale display and economic pricing.