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30% growth across Europe and Australia in Q1 2024

In the last six months, Clevertouch has launched two new products: our first Google-partnered EDLA interactive panel, LUX, and our new collaborative interactive panel for meeting rooms, Edge. The success of these panels has propelled the Clevertouch brand to 30% growth in the first quarter of the year.

We use independent analysts Futuresource as our guide, and we continue to lead the way with growth from our interactive large-format displays in Education and Enterprise. 

John Ginty, Clevertouch EMEA Sales Director, comments: 'We're delighted with the success at the start of 2024. We're seeing incredible growth from our partners and the emergence of new markets for us. End users are looking for reputable brands, support, sustainability, and security when choosing their new technology. Price is a key factor in decisions, but they also need to know they are dealing with a reputable brand that can deliver and support.
Across our territories, we've delivered on some amazing projects that have contributed to our growth:

  • In Australia, we're No.1. We hold a quarter of the market, double the manufacturer's volume in second place.
  • We grew our market share in Belgium and held the number 2 position with 26% market share.
  • We doubled our growth in Denmark from Q1 in 2023 and retained the No.1 spot in the country with a 29% market share in 2024. We continue to dominate this territory for 5 years as the No.1 brand for interactive screens. 
  • In Finland, we doubled our business from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024 and now hold a huge 34% market share.
  • Are you ready for this? We saw a 150% increase in sales across Germany. We've leapt from 8th a year ago to now being the No.4 brand in the market. 
  • Our partner Avio in Ireland continues to push the Clevertouch story, and we're still No.1 in Q1 with a massive 33% market share.
  • In one of the most hotly contested markets, our partners in the Netherlands helped us become the joint second-largest brand in Q1.
  • Charmex continues to drive the Clevertouch message; we're now Spain's third-largest brand. 
  • Across Switzerland, we're the second largest brand, and our in-country partner, Bischoff, has doubled our sales compared to Q1 in 2023.  
  • Across the Nordics region, we're still the No.1 brand for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. 
  • We've moved into the second spot across the UK and are closing in on the top position for trusted IFPD brands. 
  • In the USA, we continue to protect our market share and retain the fifth position.
  • We're the 5th largest brand across Europe.
  • In Q1, Clevertouch saw a massive 30% growth across EMEA, Australia and the USA. 

Shaun Marklew, MD of Clevertouch, comments: 'Our team and partners are really driving the message that product quality and service really matter. One product set, one support and one warranty from a brand that is accountable and reliable. Thanks to everyone for continuing to make Clevertouch the success it is today.' 

This year, Clevertouch celebrates 15 years since coming to market. Since then, the business has continued to drive innovation through award-winning products and software solutions. 

We're delighted with the success at the start of 2024