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8 Workspace Pain Points Solved by Clevertouch Technologies

The modern workplace is comprised of several spaces; the reception welcome area, office desk, meeting room and recreational lunchroom.  Each space has a set of challenges that impact on the engagement, productivity and achievement of employees.

A recent study conducted on US employees used these challenges to identify the pain points within the modern workspace, and unsurprisingly, the lack of fancy furniture, ping pong tables and skate ramps were noticeable absent concerns.   
Instead, the responses revolved around accessibility to effective hybrid workplace technology for communication and collaboration, in particularly, how not having the right equipment impacts the working day, and employee motivation. 
Here we evaluate the eight key pain points that Clevertouch Technologies can resolve to make your employees more efficient and your organisation more profitable. 
1. Technology Issues
Integration between devices and network connectivity, or lack of, causes severe headaches for IT management teams and employees alike. In fact, 60% of IT executives have to contend with downtime at least once a month. In 2018, it was reported that an approximate 60 million hours were lost to business due to internet downtime, a staggering number of hours and lost revenue opportunity.  
Add to this the different network and software used in the workspace, (the average worker currently has four connected devices that they use daily with this number is set to grow to nine+ devices by 2025) and IT teams have a lot to manage.   
To make this easier, organisations are drifting towards the BOYD workspace technology.  This enables organisations to adopt technology that is not locked down and can integrate with employees personal devices.  The Clevertouch Technologies UX Pro is the perfect example of how BYOD technology for efficient and deliverable meetings. The UX Pro integrates with Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoogleMeet, Airserver and ClevertouchLive. 
2. Poor communication from management  
Employees report poor workplace communication from management as having an impact on their performance as objectives are not clear, making collaboration less effective and lowering morale. 
Email is commonly used to disseminate information but not all employees have access to a work email (think retail, hospitality and manufacturing for a start), and of those that do, a Forbes survey found that 38% of workers have email fatigue to the extent they would consider quitting their jobs so in a modern workplace, an alternative to email is needed. 
The ideal alternative is ClevetouchLive Digital Signage. It reaches a mass audience so all employees have access to it, and it can be read at an employee's own pace so not interrupting the workday. It can broadcast instant alert messages or company-wide announcements simultaneously ensuring all employees are kept informed, and as a bonus is it can be updated instantly and quickly ensuring information is current.  Digital signage has proven to be 400% more effective in capturing attention than other communications and messages. 
3. Lack of flexibility  
The past few years have shown that employees can work from home, a study by Microsoft reveals that 73% of workers want organisations to continue the flexible working environment. 
This means an investment in technology which will foster collaboration, and luckily, further research shows that 66% of businesses plan to redesign their office space to fit the new parameters of the hybrid workplace to enable employees work from home flexibility. 
Clevertouch Technologies UX Pro delivers with tools designed to meet, screenshare with any device, all the apps employees need to collaborate, microphone and can be connected to a Clever Camera for speaker detecting viewing. With screens available in size from 55”, 65”, 75”, 85” to 98”, there is a suitable screen for any location. 
4. Meeting Room Availability 
Finding an available meeting room within a workspace can be a time waster as employees trapse the building looking for a room that is free. Eliminate the need to walk around with Clevertouch Technologies Live Rooms meeting room management solution which integrates with O365 and ME. 
Live Rooms is a 10” tablet that displays red when in use and green when available LED lighting for instant availability recognition. Through the ClevertouchLive Digital Signage platform you can also display a room booking summary of all rooms for availability. 
In addition, Live Rooms also eliminates Legacy and Ghost meetings with its ability to allocate a claim now time so that if the room is not claimed it goes back to being available and appears green again, making it the perfect solution to solve the meeting room availability issue.  
5. Technology Training 
Understanding the technology within the workspace is a key issue amongst employees. The BOYD environment enables employees to use devices they are comfortable using, but there will always be additional technology. 
Clevertouch Technologies has qualified trainers, an at your own pace online academy and plenty of help guides and videos for employees to learn from. 
6. Multiple Long Meetings  
Meeting productivity is important and according to a survey by Garner, the average employee spends 11.7 hours per week. For both employer and employee, it is crucial that these meetings are productive and not time-wasting. 
Further studies show long meetings are detrimental to efficiency with employees showing 91% engagement in meetings up to 15 minutes compared to 64% engagement during meetings of 45 minutes or more. 
The right technology can reduce meeting times and improve the efficiency outcomes. With the UX Pro from Clevertouch Technologies, you can start a meeting with a single touch of the screen, it is as quick and easy as that. Content can be uploaded, shared, discussed and saved in minutes, effectively reducing the meting time and improving productivity. 

7. Lack of recognition 
Research by WorkHuman demonstrates that recognition in the workplace leads increased productivity as employees are 44% more likely to be thriving. Unfortunately, only 1 in 3 people feel they receive recognition for going the extra mile, and just 1 in 4 feel highly valued. 
ClevertouchLive Digital Signage is an ideal way to promote employee recognition programs and notifications. Displaying a ‘Well Done Sascha – 175% Target This Month’ notice is likely to encourage Sascha to continue such a great performance. 
8. Technology Management 
Managing the technology of an organisation is a full-time job, and if the technology resources do not integrate this job is made more difficult. 
Clevertouch Technologies introduced the Clevertouch Ecosystem to the market in 2019.  This solution is driven by a single platform, ClevertouchLive and enables organisations to manage their digital signage, wayfinding, video walls, room booking tablets and collaboration panels from a central location. As a cloud solution, ClevertouchLive can control devices at any site in any location anywhere across the globe.   
The dashboard delivers a view of screens online and offline and can provide a thumbnail view of what is being broadcast on the screen. 
As the devices can integrate with many other software sources, it is easy to see how the features of the Clevertouch Ecosystem are all designed to assist in the management of the technology. 


The right technology can reduce meeting times and improve the efficiency outcomes. With the UX Pro from Clevertouch Technologies, you can start a meeting with a single touch of the screen, it is as quick and easy as that.