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Autumn Enterprise Update

Covid 19 has created challenges for all businesses in the UK, and as a technology supplier, Clevertouch is always looking to reposition our offering to different types of customers to maximise efficiency.

We are finding larger customers are predominantly in the planning phase for 2021/2022 and we are working hard to assist where possible. Smaller sized business are able to be more reactive and we are seeing some interesting trends across those markets. 

Trialling Different Unified Communications Platforms

With the wholesale take-up of Zoom in the consumer market, businesses without effective communication methods are trialling ways to communicate.

We see smaller, more agile businesses are able to try different platforms and greater scrutinise their performance.  Thus companies are finding that a simple Zoom or Teams deployment does not fit their operational needs.  Innovation is being driven very quickly and we are seeing lots of different types of software pop up in use on our interactive panels that have never previously been considered.

Traditional Meeting Rooms Need Enablement

End Users are travelling to the office less frequently, but when they do it is to collaborate and have meetings.  We are helping a lot of customers enable those spaces to communicate internally and externally where previously there had just been a phone in the room or a simple screen on the wall.

Simplicity is Key

Leading on from enablement above, businesses are making short-term investments now to keep the communication and collaboration flowing.  The increasing use of soft-codecs (by Zoom) and the quality of software VC clients, allows for simple single box solutions in these scenarios, where a few years ago this would have required multiple peripherals, significant integration and programming.  

Now the full solution can be delivered quickly, cost-effectively and in a way the end customer understands. 

To talk about your needs for 2021 and beyond, contact me at [email protected].


Now the full solution can be delivered quickly, cost-effectively and in a way the end customer understands.