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Edtech advice for teachers, from the Clevertouch team

In one form or another, technology is now very much a part of the modern British classroom.

These days it’s increasingly rare to see a classroom without either an interactive whiteboard, large interactive touchscreen display panel, or a laptop/tablet trolley. 

The software and technology available today can make building engaging and collaborative lessons a breeze. However, there can sometimes be an understandable reluctance amongst educators to welcome new technology due to a fear that it will increase workload, rather than make life easier. 

So how can you make the most of your in-class technology to enhance your teaching? Clevertouch outlines some of the key considerations that schools can focus on for using technology to enhance teaching.

  • Utilise powerful lesson building tools. These days, the embedded software in a touchscreen is as important than the screen itself.  Clevertouch has easy to use presentation software that enables teachers to simplify lesson planning and reduce prep to free up more time to concentrate on teaching and learning. 
  • Share, share, share! Snowflake, available free with your Clevertouch screen, gives you access to an interactive activity maker and lessons on line, a large resource of ready-made lesson activities, created and shared by other teachers, saving you valuable time. And in turn, teachers can upload any lessons they wish to share with the community. 
  • Use existing apps. Cleverstore gives you access to education apps, games and software. All education apps and games in Cleverstore have been tried and tested to ensure they are advert free, in-app purchase free and completely curriculum relevant and, best of all, completely free for Clevertouch users.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel! Teachers will already have online files full of ready-made lessons they’ve created over the years – and they should still be able to access them on their new edtech. Edtech such as Clevertouch enables teachers to convert and display almost any existing file – no need to start over.
  • Screen share and control from any device. Turn your tablet into a wireless visualiser and share student work with the entire class. Controlling the main screen remotely from a smartphone or tablet, enables teachers to move away from the front of class mode of delivery and operate small group and peer learning effectively.
  • Get the students involved. The touchscreen is like a giant tablet and tech savvy students intuitively know their way around and will enjoy being the teacher for a change!
  • Schedule an initial training session immediately after new panels have been installed, to run through basic features and give staff pointers on how to incorporate them into lessons.
  • For optimum results, a second training session will give staff a chance to address specific questions and progress If you feel you aren’t using your panel to its full potential, contact your manufacturer or installer to book training/coaching. Most offer training that fits around the teacher schedule.
  • Finally, make full use of all the support resources available on websites and social media. Find tips and case studies with other Clevertouch teachers on the Clevertouch page on YouTube or visit our website at

These days it’s increasingly rare to see a classroom without either an interactive whiteboard, large interactive touchscreen display panel, or a laptop/tablet trolley."