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Summer Shutdown

As we wind down the school year, don't forget your panel! We have compiled a list of a few tips and tricks to prepare your panel for summer.

If your panel won't be in use over the summer, you might want to do the following:


  1. Files: If you have files that you have saved to the panel, consider moving those to your cloud drive. This will ensure you have access to those files if you move rooms or schools. If you have files that you no longer need, delete those to free up space on the panel.
  2. Log out: Make sure you are logged out of any cloud drives or applications on the panel.
  3. Care and Cleaning: Clean the panel with a screen cleaner. Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth and clean as needed.
  4. Power: Using the power switch under the panel (next to where the power cord is plugged in), turn off the panel. Unplug the panel from the wall outlet.


a few tips and tricks to prepare your panel for summer