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KS1 - Maths - Number Bonds to 10 Part 1

KS1 - Maths - Number Bonds to 10 Part 1

Learning Intention:

To use counters to find number bonds to ten

Top Tips:

  • Repeat each activity in a variety of ways.

  • Use different objects as counters e.g. coins, marbles and sweets or grapes – a tasty incentive!

  • Talk about what you’re doing as you learn together and ask lots of questions e.g. Which pile is greater or has less? How can I turn 3 add 7 into 2 add 8?

Ideas for afterwards:

  • Take photos of each number bond to scroll through later as a memory aid. Record as pictures and number sums.

  • Keep recalling the learning and promote memory retention – e.g. when going on a walk or while in the bath!

  • Make a number line in your back garden and squirt the number bonds with a water pistol e.g. squirt the number that goes with 7 to make 10.


Subject: Maths

Recommended age group - 5-7 KS1

Topic: Number Bonds